From the Ambassador’s Network: Do You Like Playing LEGO® Detective?

If you have spent any time engaging with online LEGO discussions, you will have undoubtedly come across a post asking “What piece is this?” “What set is this from?” or “Is this even LEGO?”

The AFOL Engagement Team at the LEGO Group is trying to understand a little more about why AFOLs might help others out with such queries, which tools they use to solve the problem, and why they do. Whether you have ever answered such a question, you race to be first to answer it, or you don’t really care, why not take 5 minutes to fill in this survey.

Do you enjoy helping people in their quest to identify elements and sets? What’s your tool of choice?

Why not leave your thoughts below, and until next time,

Play Well!

Gift with purchase survey: Select your Top 5

LEGO Group: Gift With Purchase Survey

Untitled 5

Over the last few weeks, you have been sending in your suggestions for Gift with purchase ideas.

I need to whittle this list down to a top 5 for the LEGO® Marketing team.

Click on the link and select your top 5 preferences by October 30. 

Thanks for your help.

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LEGO Retail Gifts with Purchase Survey: Help Determine Future Freebies.


Who doesn’t love “free” stuff?  Have you found your desire to buy through the online store, or your local LEGO retail store influenced by the Gift with Purchase Currently Available?

Over the years, there have been some great ‘Gift with Purchase’ sets (GWPs) available at LEGO retail outlets, including the online store. We have spoken about some of these in the past, including the small scale London Bus and VW Beetle, the Christmas build up and the Snow Globe from 2016.  Sometimes it might just be a minifigure, such as those offered during May the Fourth Promotions or the Mr Freeze minifigure from 2015. The LEGO Group have asked for input and ideas for future GWPs from the fan community.

All Recognised Lego User Groups and Recognised LEGO Fan Media have been invited to canvass the members of their community for ideas, so you may see requests for these ideas coming from different places around the web or email. Continue reading

Brick Friday Sales: What have you done?

Its the weekend after the United States Celebrated Thanksgiving.  “Black Friday”/”Small Business Saturday”, “Cyber Monday” and the”Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?”  sales are upon us. In this globalised economy, the effects of the beginning of the ‘Christmas Sales Season’ now has effects all over the world.

Even the LEGO® online store has got into the spirit of things.

40223-1.jpgOf course, just how much it got into the spirit of things depends on where in the world you live: the Sales and Deals pages have differing content depending on the location you are in.

In Australia, we have some great regular prices on the new LEGO® Dimensions sets (so great, many consider them a glitch), but no discounts other than Pirates Chess(40158) which is normally $79.99 and currently reduced to $63.99.  We still pay shipping on orders less than $AUD200.

US and Europe have %20 discounts on many sets, and free shipping for VIPs on all orders.

There is one thing in common: The Free Gift with purchase Snow Globe 40223.  It is gorgeous.  And you only need to spend $AU120/$NZD140/£GBP60/$US99 or €65.

So I am curious.

Did you by anything from the LEGO® online store between 25th November and 18th December, and what was your motivation? The survey will take the first 100 responses, and has only 4 multiple choice questions.

Click here to take the Survey

Enjoy your Christmas sales season.

Play Well

NEXO KNIGHTS: Phygital Survey Results


So: UK Voted to leave the EU, the US Republicans have accepted Donald Trump, the Democrats accepted Hillary Clinton and the Australians returned the their conservative Government, with a reduced majority.  If these results show anything at all, it is that you should not squander your right to vote, because you can’t rely on your fellow citizens doing what you might be expecting of them.

So… How did readers vote on their experience of multimodal NEXO knight experience?  Of course, half way through the process here, the world was swamped by Pokemon Go, possibly the ultimate phygital experience…

As such, responses were limited, but give an insight into how things are proceeding in my limited audience. Continue reading

The Rambling Brick: NEXO Knights Survey

IMG_9812International Public Survey Months

June and July, 2016 are International Public Survey Months: Australia will have a Federal Election, the UK will have the BrExit poll, and the US will enjoy their Democratic and Republican party conventions.

In the spirit of Public Surveys, I have put one together.

NEXO Knights: How do you feel?

Earlier this year, the LEGO Group released the NEXO Knights.  This Sci-fi Castle Mashup theme has surprised myself with how much fun it seems to be!

I will be discussing the phygital (physical/digital) strategy in my next blog post.  However, As I have been writing it, I realise I don’t really know how real people relate to the three arms of the theme: the LEGO sets, the Merlock 2.0 game and the animated series screening on Cartoon Network. I won’t know for sure at the end of the survey, but I will have a better idea…

The Survey

I would love people to fill in this survey: 10 questions, multiple choice and no personal information will be collected.  I intend to collate the results and publish them in this blog by the end of July 2016.

You can find the Survey here:

Feel free to share it with your friends, relatives and LEGO user group

This survey is NOT supported by the LEGO Group, but is to allow me to write something vaguely related to public opinion, rather than my own skewed views. And because I’m using a free survey monkey account, I’m limited to only 100 respondants, so sign in now!

And it’s more fun than following the Australian Election…

Play well