Expansion of Shop.LEGO.com in Europe:

ribbonThe Official LEGO Shop has had exciting news this year, as its expanding into 5 new countries, including Slovakia, Greece, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia.

This expansion marks 29 countries globally – where shoppers can enjoy the full LEGO Shop experience, including access to the full assortment, exclusive products and promotions each month, extended line items and other unique services like Pick-A-Brick.

To commemorate this milestone, LEGO Shop is running a promotion in the new stores with an opportunity to “Win a one-of-a-kind buildable flag”. This extremely limited and rare set is not available for purchase anywhere. To enter simply make a purchase  from one of the new stores and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win (alternatively, you may send an email to WinaFlag@LEGO.com, no purchase neccessary). Hurry – this special promotion ends September 23rd. Visit the URL’s below now to learn more!

The URLs for the competition details can be found following the links below.

NOTE: entry is only open to residents of these countries.

vert ribbon
Slovakia https://shop.lego.com/en-SK/lego-shop-slovakia-competition?icmp=HP-SHM-P-MT-flagsw-955

Greece https://shop.lego.com/en-GR/lego-shop-greece-competition?icmp=HP-SHM-P-MT-flagsw-953

Latvia https://shop.lego.com/en-LV/lego-shop-latvia-competition?icmp=HP-SHM-P-MT-flagsw-954

Estonia https://shop.lego.com/en-EE/lego-shop-estonia-competition?icmp=HP-SHM-P-MT-flagsw-952

Slovenia https://shop.lego.com/en-SI/lego-shop-slovenia-competition?icmp=HP-SHM-P-MT-flagsw-956


I see that the Rambling Brick receives occasional visits from these countries.  Each year, the online LEGO shop seems to expand: However, there are still a few European countries without access, as well as much of Asia. Is this exciting news for you?  Why not leave a comment below.

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LEGO Retail Gifts with Purchase Survey: Help Determine Future Freebies.


Who doesn’t love “free” stuff?  Have you found your desire to buy through the online store, or your local LEGO retail store influenced by the Gift with Purchase Currently Available?

Over the years, there have been some great ‘Gift with Purchase’ sets (GWPs) available at LEGO retail outlets, including the online store. We have spoken about some of these in the past, including the small scale London Bus and VW Beetle, the Christmas build up and the Snow Globe from 2016.  Sometimes it might just be a minifigure, such as those offered during May the Fourth Promotions or the Mr Freeze minifigure from 2015. The LEGO Group have asked for input and ideas for future GWPs from the fan community.

All Recognised Lego User Groups and Recognised LEGO Fan Media have been invited to canvass the members of their community for ideas, so you may see requests for these ideas coming from different places around the web or email. Continue reading

Why would you ever buy LEGO at full price from the LEGO store?

Double VIP points.

Free Gift with Purchase over $AU120

Free Shipping on purchases of $AU200.

This is what I was hearing from the shop.LEGO.com banner ads as October 2016 got underway. Should these statements affect whether or not I go to the online LEGO store? I sat down to work out a solution to this conundrum, and who knows, it might just influence my behaviour in the future…

[Editors note: the principles of calculating the best value time to purchase from shop.LEGO.com, or your local LEGO store are consistant, however individual thresholds for shipping and the value of special offers vary between markets. You should always make your own decisions regarding your own money.  The LEGO Group is sure to release something else that you wish to buy in the future, so don’t worry if you can’t spend all of your money at once. Now read on…]

Conscious that I had not place a shop.LEGO.com order for some time, the LEGO Group offered this bonus gift with purchase over $120.  My will crumbled instantly.

The shop.LEGO.com promotion for October, if ordering from Australia, was the London bus set (40220).  Initially revealed around the same time of the ‘Big Ben’ Creator set, it instantly appealed to me.  Decidedly smaller than minifigure scale, it reminded me almost instantly of the sets available in my childhood.  In those days, many ‘LEGOLand’ vehicles were 4 studs wide, whether they were a go-cart, family car, a fire truck, and earthmover or a semi-trailer. This is a set that I was terribly keen to get my hands on.

And it got me thinking: What should encourage me to make a purchase from shop.LEGO.com, when many of my local major retailers regularly offer 20% purchase price? Continue reading