Princess Peach Joins LEGO® Super Mario [August Lineup Revealed]

The LEGO Group have just teased the forthcoming (second half-year) LEGO® Super Mario sets, this time including Princess Peach in the lineup. Hopefully, we shall get more news for Mar10 day for the forthcoming wave. I expect we shall be getting a new starter pack, as Princess Peach appears to be a new digital smart brick, similar to Mario and Luigi. We also have the debut of Ludwig Koopa.

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71402 LEGO® Super Mario Buildable Characters: Series 4. Biomes, Coins and Mysteries.

Here in Melbourne, it’s March the 10th, Mar10 Day, and to celebrate, we have a new review. This time it is 71402, Series 4 of the Buildable Characters. This set was released at the start of the year but has only just started to become available in Australia. I was fortunate to be sent a box of 18 figures by the LEGO Group for review.

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71398: LEGO® Super Mario: Dorrie’s Beach Front [Hands-On Review/ Playthrough]

Today we continue our exploration of the 2022 LEGO Super Mario releases by looking at 71398 Dorrie’s Beach front. The Dorrie in question is a pleisiosaur like sea dragon, who first debuted in Super Mario 64. This expansion set brings us a little scenery in fitting with that biome, as well as hidden treaure boxes, a new mechanism to knock over an enemy, as well as a Huckit Crab.

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71396 Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car Expansion Set [Review and Playthrough]

While the previous range of LEGO Super Mario sets was starting to feel a bit same-old and refresh, despite the addition of the 2-player mechanic, Unlike previous waves of LEGO Super Mario, this wave does not feature any new Power-Up suits for Mario to wear. However, it introduces a vehicle mechanic in the form of 71401 Bowser Jr,’s Clown Car Expansion Set. This inexpensive set provides a new way for Mario to take on enemies and earn coins, all for the same price as an Power-up Pack.

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LEGO Super Mario: 71400 Big Urchin Beach Ride Expansion [Hands-On Review]

The January 2022 wave of LEGO Super Mario sets follow two specific streams: Luigi’s Mansion and the Beachfront. Today, I’d like to present the 71400 Big Urchin Beach Ride expansion set. You need either the Mario or Luigi Starter sets to play with this set in the way it is intended. The set has 536 pieces, and will be released on January 1 2022. This set was sent to me by the AFOL Engagement team of the LEGO Group for review purposes. All opinions, however, are my own.

After the previous wave of expansion sets focussed on two-player, cooperative play this wave returns to the roots of single player gaming, although the 2 player option exists, with all of the potential advantages that brings.

This set brings some familiar gameplay from the Super Mario Video Game, as well as a few new characters, and game mechanics. With this set, I will take a look at the Characters encountered, Any Bonus boxes, as well as hazards and obstacles encountered in the gameplay.

As with all LEGO Super Mario sets, building instreuctions are accessed through Digital instructions in the LEGO Super Mario App, or using the LEGO Building Instructions App. Personally, I find the App quite acceptable to use on a tablet – it also allows demonstration videos for game play. the Instructions Plus engine also allows manipulation of the model in 3D space as you build it, ensuring construction is clear.

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LEGO Super Mario Beachfront Sets Revealed: For Release 1st January 2022

Last weekend, at the 4th CIIE, we not only saw the new Lunar New Year festival sets revealed but also the final sets from the next wave of LEGO Super Mario sets. We saw part of the wave, pertaining to Luigi’s Mansion, unveiled over Halloween.

We have another three sets, in conjunction with a series of Buildable Characters:

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LEGO Super Mario: Luigi’s Mansion Sets Revealed for Halloween

We are great fans of the LEGO Super Mario sets here at the Rambling Brick: The sets provide the right mix of building, and digital play -mediated through an interactive brick, rather than an App. Now, just in time for Halloween, The LEGO Group have announced 3 new expansion sets tying in with the Luigi’s Mansion games: they require either the Luigi or Mario Starter sets to play and will be released on January 1 2022.

Read on for images…

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LEGO® Super Mario 64™ ‘?’ Block to hit LEGO® Super Mario™ Universe

We knew something was coming when the LEGO Group teased a large cube like model last night, but I dont think anyone expected anything quite like this.

Its a ‘?’ cube, as featured in Super Mario 64 (celebrating 25 years this year), and from different panels, we have different microscale versions of lands from that classic game! With 2064 pieces, and priced at $289AUD/ $USD169.99/ £159.99 the set will be released through LEGO Branded stores on October 1, and in other retailers in 2022.

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71394 Super Mario Buildable Figures: Series 3. Biomes, Scores and Powerups.

Like each wave before them, this wave of LEGO Super Mario sets has brought a new collection of buildable figures. The figures have been a little hard to get hold of until recently, particularly in Australia. The boxes of Buildable characters brought a disturbing revelation: While we maintain the count of 10 characters in the series, there are only 18 blind bags in the box. Reports from several Blogs with a full box suggest that (if you get a new box) the front 9 figures on either column of the box side are identical, while the rear one at each end is either Crowber or Bony Beetle.

The team at Toybricks were able to fix me up with a set of the figures, through COVID Safe delivery. Today, we can take a look, look at the characters, as well as look at their relative scores, and other special behaviours…

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Take to the Skies with Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set [71391 Hands-On Review]

Bowser’s Airship plays a major role in a number of the Super Mario Games, and the LEGO form has been long awaited by many fans. I should not be surprised by its popularity, we saw a couple of versions of the airship submitted in our What Next for LEGO Super Mario?’ Competition. The ‘Bowser’s Airship expansion’ is the largest expansion set seen to date with LEGO Super Mario sets, with over 1100 pieces. It will be officially on sale on August 1st 2021.

This set was sent over by the LEGO Group for review purposes, and its certainly quite a different experience to the other sets I have built and played with for this wave. It will be prices at $USD 99.99/€99.99, £89.99 and AUD149.99

We will take a look at the parts, the enemies, and some of the ‘action aspects’ of the set, as well as a playthrough video.

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