LEGO Retail Gifts with Purchase Survey: Help Determine Future Freebies.


Who doesn’t love “free” stuff?  Have you found your desire to buy through the online store, or your local LEGO retail store influenced by the Gift with Purchase Currently Available?

Over the years, there have been some great ‘Gift with Purchase’ sets (GWPs) available at LEGO retail outlets, including the online store. We have spoken about some of these in the past, including the small scale London Bus and VW Beetle, the Christmas build up and the Snow Globe from 2016.  Sometimes it might just be a minifigure, such as those offered during May the Fourth Promotions or the Mr Freeze minifigure from 2015. The LEGO Group have asked for input and ideas for future GWPs from the fan community.

All Recognised Lego User Groups and Recognised LEGO Fan Media have been invited to canvass the members of their community for ideas, so you may see requests for these ideas coming from different places around the web or email.img_7931

Click here to go to the Rambling Brick survey.  It will remain live until October 20. This survey is no longer live. You can, however help select the top 5 by clicking here


I will then collate the answers, with suggestions made by the readers of the Rambling Brick.  A second poll will go live at that time, to generate a top five list to submit to the Marketing Integration Team.

So, what would you like to see?

  • img_2623A small vignette?
  • A new Vehicle?
  • A small Train? A specific type?
  • Another Gingerbread House?
  • A new Star Wars minifigure?
  • A super hero that is not in the Justice League or Avengers?
  • A selection of Technic parts with a small project book?
  • A Duplo Animal?
  • Anything Else?

There are a few restrictions on what is an appropriate suggestion – both with regard to Intellectual Property usage and appropriate content.  These are listed on the survey form. Otherwise, let your imagination go wild…

Why are you still reading this? Go to the Survey Form Here . Be as detailed as you like with your suggestions.Help select our top 5 suggestions here

Thanks for taking the time to think about this. It is a unique opportunity to help determine the ‘freebies’ that can be obtained through the LEGO Store in the future.

Until Next Time,

Play well!

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