Hi. I’m Richard

I’m an Adult Fan of LEGO® in Melbourne, Australia.

Sometimes I get excited by things that others find mundane or old hat.

You know… those interesting little techniques that everyone else knows about, or that got tucked away in the corner of the instruction manual of a set that I thought was just awesome.  New pieces… perhaps not new to you, perhaps new to me.

Perhaps I will review a couple of sets. Perhaps more than I intend to. Certainly, I will try to focus on something special about each of them.

I will aim to look at some of those things we don’t see blogged about often, but are still relevant to up builders: Photography, Lighting, MOC design, Exhibiting and so on.

I have a full time job, a full time family, and a few other hats that I wear. I don’t have time to be a comprehensive news site. I suspect you follow one or two of those already. But I will aim to bring you something a little different. Perhaps I will succeed, perhaps not. Time will tell….

Perhaps some of what I say is considered useful: In October 2016 I became a Recognised LEGO® Fan Media site (RLFM) and joined the LEGO® Ambassador Network. This network consists of Recognised LEGO® User Group (RLUG) Ambassadors, other RLFMs and members of the LEGO Community Engagement team, as well as other LEGO® Employees.

I exist on social media.  On both Twitter and Instagram I travel by @ramblingbrick. On Facebook, you will find me HERE. If your wish to send an email, why not try ramblingbrick_AT_gmail.com

We have started to use limited affiliate advertising on the page. If you make a purchase after clicking on the affiliate link, I might receive a small commissions. Monies raised will help to offset the costs of blog hosting, and LEGO sets, and related materials, for review.

Opinions expressed are my own.  If I am given items for review, I will disclose this in the review. This independent fan site is not authorised or endorsed by the LEGO Group.

Play Well


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    • Hi TNB. Thanks for your nomination. The day I received the nomination, a crossed over the 200 follower mark – 🙂 however: this makes me ineligble for the award. For anyone wondering, they should go and check out your blog, because you certainly deserve more followers than you currently have!
      Have great day.

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