LEGO® ICONS 10328 Bouquet of Roses revealed

After the release of the LEGO® Icons 10329 Tiny Plants earlier this month, today, we see the second major Botanical set for 2024 revealed:10328 Bouquet of Roses. Arriving just in time for Valentines day, the set promises a while slew of intriguing recolours and neat parts usage. This 822 part set will be released on January 1, costing $99.99AUD/59.99 EUR / 54.99 GBP / 59.99 USD /24990 HUF / 499 CNY / 79.99 CAD.

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LEGO® Space:1978-1992 [Book Review] Christmas sorted for fans of LEGO Space?

As a kid growing up in the 70s, I was a little excited about the idea of space travel. I missed the moon landing: The Apollo programme had drawn to a close, Skylab was preparing to burn up in the atmosphere above Western Australia, and we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Next Big Thing in space travel – the Space Shuttle.

And so it is into this milieu that as LEGO® Minifigures were unleashed on the world, that we had worlds of Castle, Town and Space unleashed on the world. Past,Present and Future. One had a passing interest, one was the mundane and every day and the other captured my imagination from the moment I saw the catalogue that read “… coming in 1979.” I may not have had many space sets as a child, but the ones I had I could still assemble by heart after 40 years, as I emerged from my dark ages and returned to my childhood LEGO Collection. Of course, while 1979 was the release date in Australia and Europe, a limited range was released in The USA in 1978.

As I have continued to explore the worlds of LEGO Classic Space and beyond, I have seen it through old catalogue scans, battered box photos and crumpled, stained instructions, while cleaning the dust and grime off bulk lots of elements, assembling weathered spacemen and wondering if I need to get my glasses cleaned.

When I saw early mentions of Tim Johnson’s book “LEGO Space: 1978-1992” turning up for preorder on Amazon, I was excited. Tim is a passionate fan who grew up in a similar era to myself and, as a self confessed parts nerd and founder of the website NEW ELEMENTARY, he was always going to bring some interesting insights to the project.

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Assemble Avengers….Tower [76269 reveal]

It’s the 60th anniversary of the first time that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assembled in the debut issue of the Avengers Comic. Today, the LEGO Group have revealed its biggest Marvel set to date – the 5201 piece Avengers tower. Measuring 90 cm tall, this set also boasts 31 minfigures, includng Marvel Studio’s boss, Kevin Feige.

The set will go on sale to coincide with the Black Friday sales on 24th November, and will cost $USD499.99 / £429.99/ €499.99/ 759.99 AUD/4299 CNY/199990 HUF/669.99 CAD. Read on for more details, including the complete minfigure roster

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71426 Piranha Plant: Hands-On Review

The Piranha Plant first appeared in Super Mario Brothers, back in 1985 and has been a stalwart enemy of the franchise since that time. We have seen several of these gigantic carnivorous plants crop up in the LEGO Super Mario sets, but they have been a relatively small scale models, designed to be used in the Gamer Mode for LEGO Super Mario. This 540piece sculpture looks like it might promise to bring a little more joy to a bookshelf than previously encountered Piranha Plants. I was delighted when the LEGO Group sent a copy of this set over: it feels that while we have had an onslaught of LEGO sets aimed at adults in recent years, there has been a relative paucity of sets that might come at less than $100 AUD, not releated to flowers, Star Wars or Super Heroes while still leaving enough room on your shelves for other things. This set does both with a RRP of AUD94.99 (59.99USD). This is just shy of the $99.99AUD shelf price of your standard botanical Collection set

So, is this set worthy of your time, real estate and hard earned funds? Lets take a closer look…

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