Christmas Build up, Caught up

Day 11: Tree-mendous

And so I am now presenting the Christmas Buildup 40333 in real time. Today we have a Christmas Tree.  I have had Christmas trees on my mind lately, due to a little side project at the scout group. So, lets review what we know:final-13

Built around a core of bricks with studs on 4 sides, with some 1×1 round plates to fill the gaps, this is an almost entirely SNOT  (Studs Not On Top) built tree.


New Christmas Tree designs are produced at a remarkable rate in LEGO® sets. Here are some of the highlights from Advent calendars. as well as other sets,  over the last few years (However,I won’t include those from 2016 because…spoilers.):

LEGO® City Advent Calendars:

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