Classic Mobile Game ‘Tiny Tower’ in Development to become a LEGO® Tower

Here at the Rambling Brick, we love a bit of digital diversion in the form of casual gaming as much as the next person. Possibly more, especially if there aren’t any LEGO® Bricks to play with. A good few years ago, I found myself playing Tiny Tower, and Tiny Death Star. I may have moved on from this type of game after a while – perhaps I was distracted by the LEGO Elves games, or perhaps I just got a new phone- but it is about to receive a fresh lease of life, thanks to a new collaboration between the LEGO Group and NimbleBit LLC, the original Game’s designers.

Progress here has been somewhat limited by not playing it for some time, and not reinstalling it when my phone was upgraded.

As you play the game, you gain citizens, who you can dress up, as you find new items for them to use, as well as extend and furnish your apartments, and stock up your shops.

So, why should we care about a dated tower life simulation game, with 8 bit tyre graphics, from 7 years ago? It’s probably not the nostalgia value. It is ideally suited to being updated to the LEGO® minifigure style aesthetic. But there is more… coming very soon on LEGO Ideas is a building competition, with the chance to get your tower level layout incorporated in the game.

LEGO® Tower – mobile game

The most awesome LEGO idle simulation mobile game LEGO Tower is on its way!

LEGO has joined forces with NimbleBit, creators of the classic mobile game Tiny Tower to craft a brand new mobile experience. NimbleBit has a long track record of building lovable mobile worlds for their players, and both companies are excited to be taking the Tiny Tower formula to new heights inside the world of LEGO.

“Having the opportunity to build upon one of our signature games inside the world LEGO is a dream come true for s.” says David Marsh, co-founder of NimbleBit. “The building blocks of LEGO are a complete creative match for our style of games. It’s sparked a lot of the feelings of creativity and joy we’ve experienced ourselves while playing with LEGO since we were young.”

LEGO Tower gives players the ability to build and operate their own LEGO Tower. Construct a wide range of apartments and businesses for your Minifigure residents to live, work and play in. Visit your friends’ towers and trade items to help them build. Collect hundreds of unique Minifigure pieces and discover hidden characters. Build your dream LEGO Tower to new heights, the sky’s the limit!

Speaking of building, visit LEGO Ideas on the March 26th to participate in the LEGO Tower building challenge. Among the other prizes, winners will get their creation featured in the game!

LEGO® Tower will be available directly from App Store & Google Play from Summer 2019

Like all casual games, I can either take it or leave it. I lost patience with the older game because I spent too much time waiting for stock to arrive, renovations to conclude or floors to be built, and it will be interesting to see how the new game maintains interest, without making too many requests for actual money to speed processes up.

I’m pretty sure I will give it a try for a weekend or two after its release in the Northern summer, Southern Winter. What about you? Do you still play Tiny Tower, or any of its variations? What has been your favourite? Leave your comments below, and until next time…

…Play well!

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