The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #14

I found this set on display in  friend’s living room: it’s a great little way to display your love of LEGO at Christmas time.

As we continue our Advent-ure today ( exploring Christmas holiday related sets, as it is the 20th Anniversary of the first LEGO Advent Calendar), I thought we might look at a couple of small vignette sets related to the theme. 40106 Toy Workshop was released as a gift with purchase in 2014. With two elf minifigures and a small, 8×8 stud workshop, with a few microscale builds as toys as well, it is a great example of what can be achieved with a low part count.How great is the detail in the vice, as well as the microscale train engine!

The following year, 2015, saw another Christmas themed vignette- 40125 Santa’s Visit: an elegant living room, complete with a small brickbuilt tree and fireplace. Just the place for Santa to take a break, and enjoy a snack as he otherwise spends Christmas Eve delivering presents around the world. I really like the brickwork around the fire place – a great use of masonry bricks, and well as the stockings and wreath hanging over the mantlepiece.

There have been other holiday themed vignettes, some set in the living room like these two from 2011 (3300021 and 3300022 respectively). With approximately 100 elements each, they were available as gifts with purchase in October and November 2011.

I love these items as gifts with purchase, and I tend to save my orders for the end of the a year when these sets become available.

With a little help from our friends

Today we look behind window 14 to see what our friends have in store for us today. It has been an interesting mixture of builds in the Friends Advent Calendar, with some build really speaking to the holiday theme, while others are not at all related to Christmas.

Today we have a curious mixture of various brown bricks, as well as some white grille tiles.  I was feeling a little baffled until I saw the tile of sheet music, which gave me a suspicion that music would be involved:

A small piano or organ- just what our friends need to gather round to sing a few festive carols. And it’s been decorated with some seasonal foliage.

It looks a little bit like Christmas is coming! I wonder what tomorrow will bring… until then,

Play Well!

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