The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #13

Following on from yesterday’s Christmas Ornaments, I thought I would survey the other sets that used the 2×1 printed white ‘Santa Head’ element.  This print is not listed in the LEGO inventories on Brickset, and results in all of these sets appearing to be slightly incomplete in that database.

It can be found in Bricklink here. This face first appeared in 1127,1128 and 1129 – sets released in 1999 as part of a promotion with Milka Chocolate in Germany, as well as the Advent calendar of that year. The ‘Waving Santa’ 1127 was reissued as 10068 in 2002.  These sets inspire a little nostalgia, in the form of simple geometric designs, while retaining the brick built charm of my (pre minifigure) childhood.

The element has also been featured in the creator era of advent calendars appearing in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and three times in 2004.  Some of these builds were duplicated between the years.

Set 7224 was a creator set, released  as a promotion with BlockBuster in Hong Kong in 2003. I love the simple tree and present builds included with this polybag. 

The design was then put on hiatus until 2009, for the 3 Holiday Ornament pack we saw yeasterday, and a single Santa bauble released in 2013 (850850).

I appreciate this element, and like the way it has been used as both entire head, or in conjunction with another 1×2 brick to make for a squarer head.  

Catching Up with Our Friends

There is no special marking on the door today, beyond some random hearts drawn on a bauble. We have more green elements- further foliage – as well as a lavender 2×2 round plate. This looks like it could be truly festive!

Wreaths have been used as centrepieces on the table at Christmas time for many years, and this is a nice example. The red flowers might be used to represent holly berries, or perhaps an actual flower that is beyond be ability to guess. Let’s run with Holly. It seems most plausible. It is nice to have a more “Christmassy” model after the last few, and I quite like it.

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