The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #15

We continue our exploration of Holiday sets today with more brickbuilt Santa Claus action.
What could be cooler than Santa Claus? How about Santa Claus wearing sunglasses/ski goggles on a snow board, skis and snowmobile!And that’s exactly what you get in their curiosity from 2009: set 40000 Cool Santa Set. With 152 elements, this set allows you to build all three. Making use of the curved slope bricks to give Santa’s hat a dynamic, wind swept look, a transparent blue tile is used to represent his goggles and provide a cool look. Not quit miniland scale figures, there are some interesting ideas provided for people who like to build in that style. Personally, it doesn’t appeal to me, but at a time when everyone is making demands on financial resources, it is good to be able to say “No” occasionally.

What are our friends up to today?

Today with have a flower over door 15: let’s open the door and see what we can find…

A collection of white 3×3 plates, as well as red and gold 2×2 offset plates, and lots of single stud elements:
We get another hanging surprise today: it appears to be in the design of a wrapped present, and has the opportunity to be used as a tic-tac-toe board. It’s an interesting approach, and feels a little more functional than many of the others build we have seen in the calendar.
I hope you enjoying our little Advent-ure. With less than 10 days to go until Christmas, I wonder when we will see models themed around Mia and Olivia- although you can possibly guess when, from the designs on the doors. I am also wondering how I will stretch out the different themes to see is through to Christmas Eve. Will we make it… come back tomorrow. And until then, Play Well!

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