Hispabrick 031 Available Now

This just in from our friends at Hispabrick Magazine:

We are back with another issue of HispaBrick Magazine: number 31.
In this issue you can see how AFOLs enjoy events in different countries like Japan, (Japan BrickFest), Chile (Brickfest Chile) or Denmark (LEGOÆ World Copenhagen).
We visit LEGOLAND Japan, Masao Hidaka shows us how you can build a monorail with current LEGO pieces and Julien Ballester tells us about Stuck in Plasticís annual toy photography safari, this time in the city of ParÌs.
In our interview section we talk to Jamie Berard, design manager specialist for Creator Expert and LEGO Architecture and we meet Quinten, winner of the 2018 LEGO Ideas Trophy Design Contest.
In the KOCKICE Corner we have another instalment of the Minidolls vs Minifigures comparison, a review of LEGO Architecture Skylines and an article about the different animals LEGO has produced.
Of course there are also EV3 and Boost tutorials, reviews and much more.

You can download HispaBrick Magazine from our downloads page:

The team at Hispabrick Magazine have also just given their website a revamp and past articles are much easier to locate with their new index! My report from Japan Brickfest is reprinted in this issue, as well as many other great articles.

I have a new post coming out soon… looking to see what we can learn from our new Friends… until then, 

Play Well!

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