Normal Service Will Resume Shortly…Recovering from Brickvention 2018

Test Pattern by Jason Cichon

Normal Service will resume As Soon As Possible…

This last weekend saw Brickvention 2018 take place at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne. As an exhibitor, with a MOC still being prepared up until the last minute, I have been a little preoccupied. [ I really should highlight the excellent MOC by Jason Chicon which sums up my situation perfectly]

I had the privilege to spend  the weekend hanging out with some extremely talented LEGO artists, renew some old friendships and forge new ones. I also managed to catch up with a couple of the VIP guests, Mariann Asanuma and Bailey Fullerton.

My Mystery Project X even made its debut. Nexo Classic Space. Essentially revisiting 1978-79 LEGO Space sets, using the NEXO Knights parts palette. I’ll post more about that in due course.

It will take a while to process my images, and to gather my thoughts. I have a few other posts waiting on some final tweaks before publication. In the meantime, I recommend visiting Jay’s Brick Blog for an excellent, timely writeup and set of photos of highlights of the event.

Thanks must go to my fellow exhibitors and convention attendees, and the volunteer organising committee for making the event such an amazing experience.

Members of the 501st check out a massive Death Star. (Do you know who built this model? Please send me a message)

A quick random selection of MOCs seen at Brickvention: Tamara Dadswell’s Lumiere; one of Jeff Carroll’s Nexo Knight Inspired Mechs and Darren Reid’s ‘Finding Captain Nemo’.  These are just a few of the incredible displays that I saw. I am, once again, overwhelmed by the talent that exists in our community. I will feature some other MOCs on the Rambling Brick Instagram Channel over the next few weeks… [ @ramblingbrick ]

Did you go to Brickvention? What did you enjoy? Why not leave your comments below. I’ll take a couple of deep breaths, have a bit of a lie down, and be back soon.

Until then, play well!



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