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It has been a busy week. But not for the reasons it might normally be at this time of the year. Normally, I’d have been busy putting together last minute touches for my creation at Brickvention – Australia’s Premier LEGO® Fan Event. The reasons that my week has actually been busy don’t really matter right now. What does matter is that Brickvention 2021 has gone the way of the pandemic, and is a totally online event. The great news is that you can experience all of the activities for the weekend for free.

There will live streams, and a variety of tutorials going live on YouTube over the course of the weekend. Tomorrow, there is a full lineup of Special Guests from around the world.

You can find full details of the the online event at

There is a national MOC competition, still accepting entries from Australian residents until 5pm Sunday afternoon. Galleries of entries submitted by previous exhibitors can be also be accessed via the home page.

Podcast ‘For the Love of Brick’ also has a special episode ‘Humans of Brickvention’ released in time for the event: why not listen to it as you browse through the Curated Expert Builder gallery.

Sunday afternoon (Melbourne time), tune into the YouTube channel to catch my interview with Kristian Reimer Hauge, one of the Corporate Historians at the LEGO Group. You may remember Kristian from the LEGO House Historical Collectio tours during the lock downs in mid 2020. If you are on the other side of the world, don’t fret: I have been told that the interviews will remain live on YouTube for some time after the event.

Here is the Schedule for the next 2 days.

And the Press Release… hidden in my inbox for way too long…

In response to the global corona virus pandemic, Brickvention, Australia’s premier two-day LEGO Fan Convention will be 100% online in 2021. To celebrate all things LEGO and the ways we can overcome creative blocks in lockdown, the volunteer team behind Brickvention created a unique and engaging program for all to enjoy. And best of all, it’s FREE!

This amazing community online show celebrates all things LEGO, featuring fan
models from over 100 national and international exhibitors displayed in the Virtual Reality Brickvention Artsteps Gallery, Brickvention 2021 The GAME, tutorials, livestreams, Zoom Parties, the official Brickvention 2021 virtual model by Jason Cichon and a full day of LEGO interviews hosted by LEGO Master Annie, Andrew of @Cheepjokes and other special guest hosts. You can find EVERYTHING at

20,000+ people are expected to visit Brickvention Online over the weekend of January 16-17 2021 as we celebrate the first (and hopefully only) Brickvention Online!

Important notes:

Brickvention 2021 is 100% ONLINE and It’s FREE
Full lineup of 17 special guests on Sunday (Content Day) January 17 2021
Over 100 Expert Exhibitors participating in the curated Brickvention Online exhibition Brickvention GAME and voting to go live on Saturday January 16 2021
Brickvention 2021 Official Model announced Saturday January 16 2021
National Building Competition open til 5pm Sunday January 17 2021
Epic prizes for winners of the National and Expert competitions!
Special guest judges from LEGO Masters Australia

It looks like there will be something for everyone at the online event. It feels pretty strange, not getting out and about for the weekend catching up with those friends you see once a year, from all over the country. Hopefully, the pandemic will be under control, and we can consider a real life even in 2022.

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