40450 Brickheadz 151: Lion Dance Guy [Hands-On Review]

The Asian Festival sets are due to be released verrrrry soon: We have previously previewed the Lunar New Year Traditions, as well as the Ice Festival sets, and their reviews will be live in a couple of days. There is one more set that we have not previously mentioned: the 40450 Lion Dance Guy Brickheadz set. Due to release through LEGO.com on New Years Day 2022, I was fortunate to be sent a copy of this set for early review.

Brickheadz can be interesting sets to look at, from a reviewers point of view. Sometimes, they are great parts packs, sometimes they are full of interesting building techniques, and sometimes, the end result is what the journey is all about.

So, which of these categories does this Brickheadz fit into? read on to find out…

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New Spring Festival Sets for 2020 Announced: APAC Release: December 26 – Rest of the World: January 10!

After last year’salmost unanticipated success of the 80102 Dragon Dance, and the 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner, the LEGO Group have just announced the two sets to be released for next year’s celebrations, as we welcome in the Year of the Rat: 80104 Lion dance and the 80105 Chinese New Year Traditional Temple Fair.

These sets build on the foundation set by last year’s sets, and carry the story telling to the next level. For MOC builders, the sets offer an array of new decorated elements, as well as some neat parts usage demonstrated throughout both sets…

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