40450 Brickheadz 151: Lion Dance Guy [Hands-On Review]

The Asian Festival sets are due to be released verrrrry soon: We have previously previewed the Lunar New Year Traditions, as well as the Ice Festival sets, and their reviews will be live in a couple of days. There is one more set that we have not previously mentioned: the 40450 Lion Dance Guy Brickheadz set. Due to release through LEGO.com on New Years Day 2022, I was fortunate to be sent a copy of this set for early review.

Brickheadz can be interesting sets to look at, from a reviewers point of view. Sometimes, they are great parts packs, sometimes they are full of interesting building techniques, and sometimes, the end result is what the journey is all about.

So, which of these categories does this Brickheadz fit into? read on to find out…

The elements on display are predominantly red and yellow, with glimpses of warm gold and flame yellowish orange. We also have the printed ‘voodoo balls’ essentially a reuse of the lion’s eyes from 80104 Lion Dance from 2020.

Lion dancers are typically carrying the lion puppet in such a way that is above their head, and that is where we see the bulk of the building to be.

We start up with traditional build up of a Brickheadz figure, including the 1x2x 1 2/3 bricks with studs on the side. We then build up the sides of the headress. As we move up to the head, where the bulk of the lion puppet would normally be, we also place a small hinge, for reasons that shall become apparent.

As we build up, there are a few interesting touches: the mouth of the lion can open a little, spurts of flame come out of the lion’s nose, supported by the clear angled support. This support is also used to support the cup elements that the eye elements are mounted in. Bananas are also used to form the lion’s eyebrows.

Quarter circle tiles cascade down either side of the lion’s head. A ‘broken eggshell’ containing a red ball sit on top of the model. The model sits on a base, featuring a lantern, as well as some drums, which frequently accompany the lion dance. A round tile on a hinge forms the sloping forehead.

Compared with the lions from the Lion dance set, the shape is a little different but still very effective.

The lion is typically held onto by the person wearing it, but this level of action is probably a little more than is possible within the setting of the Brickheadz figure.

It felt only natural to compare the Lion dance Brickheadz with the 40354 Dragon Dance Guy released in 2019:

This model certainly builds up a little taller than the Dragon Dance Guy, and feels like a more literal translation of the Dragon Dance figures from 80104. I am a little disappointed that the lower lips of the lion are a plain rather than printed tile as previously seen, but this is not a big drawback.

We have seen a variety of Brickheadz associated with the Asian Festivals: Dragon Dance Guy, Lucky Cat, Pandas and now the Lion dance guy. If you are collecting these Brickheadz, its an easy decision. If you like the look of it – again an easy decision. I am not sure that the parts selection on its own is enough to drive me to buy it. The construction is straight forward, but there are some interesting techniques, particularly with regard to the Super Heroes ‘action pose’ accessory. Overall, I give this set 3.5 Arbitrary Praise units. It’s a nice build, and aesthetisticaly pleasing, with some neat parts usage, but at the same time it felt quite straightforward. Its hard to refuse, if the set has appeal.

What do you think of the Lion Dance Guy? Why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well!

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