LEGO® CON Reveals: 76218 LEGO® Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum 

Today at LEGO CON, the LEGO Group’s Live-Streamed product showcase, we got our first official look at the Sanctum Sanctorum. This set fits a modular corner block, and contains lots of dynamic action.

Designer Justin Ramsden presented the set during the event – the building is confirmed to fit the modular standard, with the full four walls and portals that can be swapped in and out.

Aimed at audiences 18 years and older, it will release on the 1st of August, have 2708 pieces, and will cost 249.99EUR /249.99 USD/349.99 379.99 AUD/ 214.99 GBP/279.99 CAD

Spoilers for Doctor Strange and the Multitude of Madness are present in the Minifigure selection…

Read on for this, as well as enlarged detail from the back of box images.

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LIVE Coverage of LEGO® CON: Saturday 26 June (unless you are on the other side of the dateline…)

It’s Almost here: LEGO CON, where we will get a couple of hours of presentations and previews direct from Billund. While the event will be live streamed from, I will be mashing the refresh button, typing along with the event.

We will start with the AFOL Preshow, including @trickybricks, @fourbrickstall @IV_LEGO and more, before moving onto the main event.

The Event will be hosted by Melvin Odoom and Michelle Khare

We will be seeing new products from Minecraft, Star Wars, Super Mario, Technic and more. We will also see the results of the ‘I love Sports’ contest on LEGO IDEAS announced. Join me at 5pm London time, 12 pm US Eastern; 9am US west coast; and stupid o’clock AEST(0200). Leave your comments below.

What are you hoping to see announced at LEGO-Con?

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LEGO CON is coming June 26: Online Event Aimed At Kids and Families.

Over the weekend, LEGO started to tease …something on its social channels. Just what it was is hard to determine. it was certainly vague. A 2×2 brick with brightlycoloured studs, flikering. Could it be long rumored light sets? Could it be the Starlight Mall from Stranger things (the flickering outline prompted some to think this might be the case.)

Was it confirmation that the LEGO Group had in fact sponsored the 2021 Danish Entry in Eurovision?

Fyr Og Flamme certainly rocked many of those colours during the performance of their song- ‘Øve Os På Hinanden‘ in the second semi final last weekend. I’m sure it was a preview for the next LEGO Neon Space theme… 

But it turns out it was unlikely to be this either. You can see the full Eurovision video clip here.

In fact, it has now been revealed to be a Fan Event, hosted by the LEGO Group on June 26 2021, aimed at families and especially kids.

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