LEGO® GhostBusters ECTO-1: Hands On Review

Every so often, there comes a set that has the chance to appeal to both older and younger demographics . When a sequel comes along 36 years after the original, you normally have a level of expectation. When the release of the sequel has been delayed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, I have only nostalgia to go on… Join me as I take a close look at the new 10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1.

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10274: ECTO-1 Officially Announced

Ghostbusters first hit our movie screens in 1984. We were due to see a new film, following on from the legoacy of the original films earlier in 2020. Ghostbusters Afterlife has now been held back to some time in 2021. It might be March, or it might be June/July: Time will tell.

It would appear that LEGO Had a model of ‘Afterlife’ ECTO-1 ready to launch in conjunction with the the new film, but rather than keep it on the back burner, or in the warehouse until then, it is being released on the 15th November.

£179.99, €199.99, $199.99 USD, $299.99 AUD, $259.99 CAD

2,352 pieces

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