Happy LEGO® Patent Day

January 28, 1958, 1:58 pm CET, a Patent was filed: That day, an express courier walked into the office of patent agency Hofman-Bang & Boutard in Copenhagen, with a piece of paper, on which was drawn the specifications for the LEGO brick – all studs and tubes, and a hand glued mock up of the 2×4 brick.

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Happy Micropolis Day!

[Edit: I may have originally posted this implying the 15th anniversary. That will be next year. I will now have a soothing cup of tea, before going to bed…]

I was having a chat with my friend Sue Ann the other day, and she asked ‘Did you realise it is the 14th anniversary of Micropolis this week? I thought you’d be interested because you have been promoting some other community building standards lately.’

Cultural Arts Centre with Hotels estate: by Sue Ann Barber at Brickvention 2014.

14 years already? It felt like only a couple of years since I first built a couple of modules using the collaborative city plan standard at Brickvention in 2013. Perhaps it was longer than I realised, as I wandered back through my Flickr gallery. ‘I don’t really know much about where it came from Sue Ann. Can you help me?’

And so, an hour or two later, she sent me this…

August 17th is Micropolis Day! On this day in 2008, Max Braun first presented the Micropolis concept to his local LUG, TwinLUG, and the standard was created.

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90th Anniversary of LEGO®: Fan Vote for a Nostalgia Laden, Adult Focussed Set.

The LEGO Group will turn 90 years in 2022. That’s still a year away, but in the mean time, LEGO Ideas are sunning a survey to select a classic theme to be revived as a single set in the Adult/18+ portfolio in 2022. The topic will be selected from a selection of 30 LEGO Themes from over the years. LEGO Ideas ran a similar survey last year, to help select a LEGO Star Wars UCS set for release later this year – we are currently anticipating a Republic Drop Ship.

As I write this, I don’t know the exact themes of choice, but it is probably safe to presume that they will be retired ‘in-house’, unlicensed themes, to be represented with a modern twist – not dissimilar to the Pirates of Bucaneer Bay that we saw released through LEGO Ideas Earlier this year. earlier last year.

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