90th Anniversary of LEGO®: Fan Vote for a Nostalgia Laden, Adult Focussed Set.

The LEGO Group will turn 90 years in 2022. That’s still a year away, but in the mean time, LEGO Ideas are sunning a survey to select a classic theme to be revived as a single set in the Adult/18+ portfolio in 2022. The topic will be selected from a selection of 30 LEGO Themes from over the years. LEGO Ideas ran a similar survey last year, to help select a LEGO Star Wars UCS set for release later this year – we are currently anticipating a Republic Drop Ship.

As I write this, I don’t know the exact themes of choice, but it is probably safe to presume that they will be retired ‘in-house’, unlicensed themes, to be represented with a modern twist – not dissimilar to the Pirates of Bucaneer Bay that we saw released through LEGO Ideas Earlier this year. earlier last year.

Could it be Classic Space, Galidor, Jack stone or Fabuland? Blacktron or Znap? Could we see the resurgence of Bionicle? Classic Castle or Home Maker? Rock Raiders or Aquazone? Or will it be Adventurers or World Racers? Will Pirates or Island Extreme Stunts make the Grade? Would Monorail even be an option?

Splitting this fan vote into two parts, you will have three votes in the first vote. You can submit one vote for up to three themes in the first vote: This vote will be 100% transparent!

The Voting opens tonight on the LEGO Ideas website. You can get full details here.

The second vote will be the top three themes from the first vote. One of the three themes will be the theme the 90th Anniversary Set will be based on. This vote will not be transparent, so it’s still a little bit of a secret.

How will this work?

We will run this fan vote of all 30 themes from today, the 17th of January  2021, to the 25th of January 2021. Then on February 3rd 2021, we will launch a second fan vote of the top three themes from this fan vote. One of these three themes will be what the 90th Anniversary Set will be based on, but we still want to know what the most popular of the final three is!

Put your votes in at LEGO Ideas.

[Outrage! there are plenty of space and castle factions. But where is Fabuland? Surely 5 new molds for some Fabuland figures should be achievable! There is the option for some Imperials to take on the pirates of Barracuda Bay, as well as Paradisa and Bionicle.] Remember how, ultimately, the fan vote for the 40th anniversary of LEGO Space resulted in a coin operated rocket ride! Anything could happen!

That theme would you like to see revived as an adult focussed set, to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the LEGO Group? Why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well.

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