Sonic the Hedgehog x LEGO: Four new sets revealed. August 1 Release.

In recent years, we have seen LEGO sets continuing to embrace old paradigms, while expanding newer ones, and I was intrigued to see that after last year’s successful LEGO Ideas Green Hill Zone, that another four sets in the Sonic theme have been announced. Now, this is not the first time that a LEGO Ideas set has preemted expansion of that theme: Ghostbusters would be one; Minecraft another, One has continued for a much longer period in the market place.

These new sets are interesting as they include elements related to the story, including characters and locations familiar to fans of the game.

The sets are due for release on the first of August, and offer a somewhat different paradigm to the other nostalgic video game franchise currently in production: LEGO Super Mario. With Sonic, we have a combination of Minifigures (all featuring moulded heads), as well as some brick built characters, as opposed to LEGO Super Mario, where brick-built characters – based around the digital brick – are the norm (much to the chagrin of some). read on for details…

Sonic first appeared as a video game character in 1991, while his first LEGO minifigure appearance was in conjunction with the LEGO Dimensions game in 2015. LEGO Ideas helped bring the fan-designed Adventures in the Green Hill Zone to production in 2021, but this theme brings us an all-new approach to the theme.

“At SEGA, we strive to create memorable experiences with our licensing partners that fans will cherish for years to come,” said Ivo Gerscovich, Chief Business & Brand Officer at SEGA of America. “The LEGO Group is the leader in play, and the perfect partner to bring exciting stories, iconic characters & environments from the Sonic universe to life in fans’ living rooms globally. Through our creative collaboration with the LEGO Group, Sonic fans of all generations can use their imaginations to play out their favourite Sonic moments, and we can’t wait to see their awesome creations.”

“It really isn’t like anything else! The sets offer an entirely new, action-packed play experience,” says Frédéric Roland Andre, Designer at the LEGO Group. “I’m especially proud of the Speed Sphere, as it was quite a challenge to figure out how we would get Sonic to speed up and interact with each course. Sonic is known for his speed and how he runs and jumps through courses, so for LEGO sets inspired by him there was no way we could create a static set. We simply had to be creative and make them as action-packed as possible!”

The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration features four sets of different sizes and complexity with modular elements inviting Sonic fans to build high-velocity obstacles for Sonic to blast through as he battles the Badniks and rescues his friends. Sonic fans can get creative, construct their own unique courses, combine sets and invent new storylines, or reminisce their treasured memories as they challenge the beloved hedgehog to be the hero of the day.

With all-new toy accessories, builders will have unique role-playing opportunities, where they can step into the Blue Blur’s iconic red sneakers and spend time with his famous friends, hang out at the DJ deck, repair the Tornado plane and more fun activities.

The product range from SEGA and the LEGO Group furthers the global companies’ collaborative efforts, following the highly successful LEGO® Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog™ Green Hill Zone set, released in 2021.       


LEGO® Sonic the HedgehogTM Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge (76990) 

  • Ages: 7+  
  • Pieces: 292  
  • Measurements: The speed sphere launcher measures over 1.5 in. (4 cm) high, 5.5 in. (14 cm) wide and 2 in. (5 cm) deep 
  • 3 characters and accessories – The set comes with Sonic the Hedgehog, the iconic Moto bug Badnik, Sonic’s Flicky friend and lots of accessories for role play 
  • Price: 29,99 EUR / 34,99 USD / 24,99 GBP/ $52.99 AUD

This set introduces the Speed sphere, which you can place the Sonic figure inside, and launch along the track, which features some similar obstacles to those seen in LEGO City Stuntz – with the added advantage of a ‘thumpable’ launcher rather than push and go fly wheel.

I’ve got to admit, I love how the set incorporates most of the elements featured on the cover of this particular comic from 2021…

LEGO® Sonic the HedgehogTM Tails’s Workshop and Tornado Plane (76991) 

  • Ages: 6+ 
  • Pieces: 376 
  • Measurements: The workshop measures over 3.5 in. (9 cm) high, 5 in. (12 cm) wide and 3.5 in. (9 cm) deep 
  • 4 characters and accessories – This action playset comes with characters Sonic, Tails, a Clucky, Buzz Bomber and lots of toy accessories for role play 
  • Price:  42,99 EUR / 39,99 USD / 37,99 GBP/AUD64.99

LEGO® Sonic the HedgehogTM Amy’s Animal Rescue Island (76992) 

  • Ages: 7+ 
  • Pieces:388  
  • Measurements: The island measures over 5 in. (12 cm) high, 9.5 in. (24 cm) wide and 6.5 in. (17 cm) deep 
  • 6 characters and accessories – The set comes with characters Amy, Tails, Crabmeat, Picky, Pocky and a Flicky, plus accessories for creative play 
  • Price: 52,99 EUR / 49,99 USD / 46,99 GBP/ AUD84.99

LEGO® Sonic the HedgehogTM Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge (76994) 

  • Ages: 8+ 
  • Pieces: 802 
  • Measurements: The primary track assembly with loop measures over 8 in. (21 cm) high, 14.5 in. (37 cm) wide and 7.5 in. (19 cm) deep 
  • 9 characters and accessories – The set comes with Sonic, Amy, a Flicky, Becky, Pocky, Pecky, Dr. Eggman, plus Badniks Chopper and Newtron and lots of toy accessories for role play 
  • Price: 104,99 EUR / 99,99 USD / 94,99 GBP/169.99AUD

Looking at this, I have to admit, I am tempted to try a Sonic Speed Sphere out with the stuntz sets, when it becomes available later in the year – the loops, hoops and jumps all appear to be derived from that City Subtheme, which certainly provides kids with a more ‘action packed’ way to play with their LEGO vehicles.

Fans of Sonic will, I suspect, enjoy these sets, which bring a different play vibe to Super Mario – featuring real life challenges, as well as scenes to role play, rather than to engage digitally. I will be intrigued to see how the play features feel in real life: will they be as challenging as Stunztz to make work? Time shall tell.

Are you stoked for Sonic? Why not leave you comments below, and until next time…

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