Sonic the Hedgehog x LEGO: Four new sets revealed. August 1 Release.

In recent years, we have seen LEGO sets continuing to embrace old paradigms, while expanding newer ones, and I was intrigued to see that after last year’s successful LEGO Ideas Green Hill Zone, that another four sets in the Sonic theme have been announced. Now, this is not the first time that a LEGO Ideas set has preemted expansion of that theme: Ghostbusters would be one; Minecraft another, One has continued for a much longer period in the market place.

These new sets are interesting as they include elements related to the story, including characters and locations familiar to fans of the game.

The sets are due for release on the first of August, and offer a somewhat different paradigm to the other nostalgic video game franchise currently in production: LEGO Super Mario. With Sonic, we have a combination of Minifigures (all featuring moulded heads), as well as some brick built characters, as opposed to LEGO Super Mario, where brick-built characters – based around the digital brick – are the norm (much to the chagrin of some). read on for details…

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