Ninjago: Dragons Rising Poster Revealed

Over the last week or so, we have been playing a game of hide and seek with fragments of the latest Ninjago Poster scattered all over the internet. With fragments tucked away on the Ninjago Facebook Page, the LEGO .com Website, Instagram and Twitter, to say nothing of the part shared by LEGO Fan Media, we were given an idea of what a sizable part of the poster might look like over the weekend.

In a series of short videos on the campaign website, the full fragmented poster is presented and subsequently clarified…

At last, however, the complete poster has been revealed, along with the name of the series: Dragons Rising.

There are a couple of teasers to be found on the campaign’s web page, along with a countdown timer, marking time until the series will premiere in the USA (1st of June.) the Australian launch will be on July 1. Will this launch be seen on Netflix, Youtube or some other streaming platform? I am unsure.

Click HERE for the live countdown

In the meantime, there is a lot to speculate over: on the poster we see Lloyd, Kai and Nya, as well as 2 new ninja – one dressed in gold, with small horns, and another in white and purple with cat ears on their hood: are they a new species? Or human with a fashion statement to make? And what of the wolf-looking character? I suspect we will learn something new about them before too long. And a baby dragon???

And just what has happened to Wu, Zane, Cole and Jay?

(Actually… Why is Jay piloting the Titan mech in the teaser when we have previously been told not to expect Core sets to tie in with the TV series? We also get a glimpse of Cole rescuing a boy from a rooftop while Wu and Zane are nowhere to be seen!

And Finally, what is the Mergequake? Why not put your speculation in the comments below and, until next time,

Play Well!

Thanks to Jay’s Brick Blog for reminding me. I had been chasing these most of last week but had missed the final image during the excitement of a weekend LEGO Event!

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