Time To Be Taken For A Ride: 10303 Loop Coaster Revealed…

I find it hard to believe that it was just over 4 years ago that we first saw the 10261 Roller Coaster. It offered a slow climb to a sudden descent, in the best tradition of the classical roller coasters of my youth. Now as time has progressed, so too has engineering: people now seek ultimate thrills: sudden drops, loops and in some cases, cork screws. Now, my body’s ability to tolerate such behaviour diminished significantly a few years ago. Fortunately, the ongoing development of the LEGO ICONS (The range formerly known as Creator Expert) Fairground Collection has now brought us an ultimate thrill seeker: a track with a vertical drop and two loops. I watched the video twice and felt slightly nauseous…

But seriously, dynamic models with figures and movement are great attention getters – either in the living room, or at a public display, and I suspect people are going to sit and watch this one for hours. Featuring 11 minifigures, 3756 pieces and priced at 399.99 EUR/ 599.99 AUD/ 344.99 GBP/ 399.99 USD/ 499.99 CAD this set goes on sale July 1.

Of course, I may not run out to pick up this set straight away. It looks awesome, but with a footprint of 85 x 34 cm (and 92 cm in height), I just don’t have the desk space. My old roller coaster is still occupying desk space, while unsorted bricks are encroaching on it from all angles…

There are some great details throughout the set, including photos of riders. The roof of this section seems to be made of more roller coaster track. – appearing in Bright yellowish orange. I see that the attendant has a hearing aid, or is it just intended to be a radio for the team to communicate with each other?

Once on the train, it gets elevated to dizzying heights: initially manual, this can be motorised using powered up or Power functions. Perhaps a more creative builder might choose to automate the entire process.

It’s important to have a map of the park: we see the Creator ferris wheel from 2021; the Haunted Mansion from 2020and roundabout from 2019. Theme parks need to undergo periodic renewal to ensure that they maintain relevance. Also included in this set is the most expensive squirrel of 2021

Can minifigures ever be prepared for such a drop?


Balloons, Hot dogs and Pretzels oh my!

I kind of wish this kid came with teenage legs so he could grow into the ride. Until then, he will be disappointed!

Who doesn’t love a balloon animal?

Say cheese!

What a line up:

The ‘dumb’ powered up battery box might be hard to get, but I suspect the old power functions will work well. Mindstorms or boost, possibly even better!

The LEGO Group has revealed the spectacular new LEGO® Loop Coaster set.  Not for the faint hearted, the new set is a staggering 92cm tall – making it one of the tallest LEGO sets.

Inspired by some of the world’s most thrilling rides, the Loop Coaster is an immersive build filled with twists and turns. Exciting features will be uncovered along the build, including an innovative elevator tower for raising the car up to the top of the ride and two gravity-defying loops. Builders can also power up the ride with motorized components, which are available separately, which will raise the elevator up automatically.

Guaranteed to generate a crowd, this playful set also contains eleven minifigures, including a ride operator, balloon seller, pretzel seller, hot-dog seller, a grandma, a young boy, and five rollercoaster riders.

Commenting on the set, LEGO Designer Pierre Normandin says: “When we were designing this set, we wanted to recreate the feeling experienced when it just begins to tip over the highest point. Perfect for play or display, we are excited to add this set into the LEGO Fairground Collection.

The LEGO Loop Coaster set, available from 1st July 2022 via LEGO Stores and http://www.lego.com/loop-coaster, at the recommended retail price of 399.99 EUR/ 599.99 AUD/ 344.99 GBP/ 399.99 USD/ 499.99 CAD

I think the bright yellowish-orange and dark blue colour scheme is really striking, and there is plenty for patrons to see and do around this part of the park.

All in all, this is a terrific addition to the Fairground: I cant wait to see people set this up with 10261 – that could be amazing. If you missed the previous version, this looks like as lot of fun, but it certainly won’t come cheap, priced at $AUD600. As I said earlier, I don’t have room for it, but I reckon it will make a lot of people pretty happy.

What do you think of this set? An easy yes? An easy no? An ‘I’ll wait for a sale?’Why no leave your comment below, and until next time,

Play Well!

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  1. Sets like this remind me why I hold off on getting sets like the globe, Optimus Prime, the grand piano, and typewriter–nice looking sets I’d probably love but I’d rather have that money for later when a set I really want comes out. The 2018 roller coaster is in my top 5 favorite sets ever (Saturn V is number 1) and a new big roller coaster set will probably be too hard to resist.

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