Set the Stage and Get Into the Groove With The 21334 LEGO® Ideas Jazz Quartet.


It seems like a lifetime ago:The results of the ‘Music to our ears‘ contest on LEGO Ideas were announced at the start of the Pandemic, back in May 2020. While the winner of the contest was a rather epic Daft Punk Model, it was the first runner up, Jazz Quartet by Hsinwei Chi, that has been brought to the shelves by the LEGO Ideas Team.

The set features a dynamic jazz quartet doing their thing. the set features 1606 pieces, and measures 42 cm wide. The set will cost  £89.99 / € 99.99 / $ USD99.99 /169.99 AUD/ 129.99 CAD when it is released on July 1, 2022.

Read on for more images, as well as a look at the original submission.

The original submission as seen on LEGO Ideas.

There has been a subtle change to the line up on stage, and indeed, a stage has been added to the original version. This stage is modular, and the band members can be easily seperated:

I an delighted by the way that we have new brick built figures in this model, with a slight degree of posability thanks to the use of mixel joints. It is refreshing to not be looking at minifigure scale, and seeing a different level of scale compared with miniland scale.

The symbol in the bottom right of the front of the box means that the set is designed to be built together with multiple builders. Perhaps while catching up for the first time in a while, enjoying the company, a soothing beverage and putting Miles Davis’ “A Kind of Blue” on the gramophone. [I acknowledge that this is not , strictly speaking, a quartet recording, but it does, in part capture the spirit of the set].

Latest fan-designed creation from LEGO is perfect for music lovers

Billund, 15th June 2022: Today, the LEGO Group has revealed the latest fan-designed set, LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet – a striking depiction of a musical ensemble in brick form, designed to be co-built by up to four friends. Designed by Taiwan based, LEGO fan, Hsinwei Chi through the LEGO Ideas platform – which offers fans the opportunity to submit their own brick creations with the chance to have their concept brought to life with the help of LEGO master designers and a share of the profits. 

Let the smooth harmony and diversity of jazz music take on a new form with this latest set, which consists of a group of four musicians on a stage, with a grand piano, trumpet, double bass, and jazz drum, representing a quartet as they perform. Place the finished piece on a bookshelf and admire it whilst you relax with some melodies playing in the background.

LEGO Ideas fan designer Hsinwei Chi says, “There is nothing quite like the warmth of jazz music, so when I designed this set I wanted the LEGO bricks to truly capture the musical vitality of a live band. Much like LEGO building, free-spirited jazz can be medicine for your mind – so I hope when the Jazz Quartet set is built and displayed, people will feel a connection to the music.”

The new LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet set is available for £89.99 / € 99.99 / $ 99.99 /169.99 AUD/ 129.99 CAD

from LEGO stores and from 1st July 2022. 

If, like me you grew up listening to late night jazz programs on the radio as an alternative to doing your maths homework, or if you just love the sound of the music, then this set may well resonate with a special part in your soul, and make for a pleasant evening or two’s work.

What do you think of this set? A neat depiction of an iconic sound? Or does it miss a beat for you? why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well!

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