Episode 2 of Extra Pieces is now live

The next episode of Extra Pieces, a podcast collaboration between Jay’s Brick Blog and The Rambling Brick is now live and available through the regular channels:

In this episode, Jay and Richard discuss the fallout From the Ulysses – VIP Centre hiccup; Look at the Looney Tunes Minifigures; Build some Super Heroes sets and hope for a future where Classic Castle sets return.

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Show notes:

For further details on things we discussed on the podcast, you can checkout

Ulysses VIP Reward https://jaysbrickblog.com/news/after-massive-delays-lego-vip-ulysses-space-probe-sells-out-in-record-time-in-australia/

Jonas Kramm’s upgraded Ulysses Probe: https://www.stonewars.de/news/lego-ulysses-probe/ 

76188 Classic TV Series Batmobile:

The Rambling Brick https://ramblingbrick.com/2021/04/13/in-color-76188-batmobile-66-hands-on-review/

Jays Brick Blog https://jaysbrickblog.com/reviews/review-lego-76188-classic-tv-series-batmobile/

Looney Tunes Minifigs

Jays Brick Blog https://jaysbrickblog.com/reviews/lego-looney-tunes-minifigures-review/

Carnage ‘Helmet’

The Rambling Brick https://ramblingbrick.com/2021/04/09/carnage-76199-hands-on-review/

Jays Brick Blog https://jaysbrickblog.com/reviews/review-lego-76199-carnage-helmet/

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