The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #16

We are now two thirds of the way through our Advent-ure, where the Rambling Brick is travelling across the years to look at Seasonal Holiday sets that have been released over the years.  Today I thought I would look at Holiday Trains.  Train Sets have a great appeal for any LEGO Layout, as they add a sense of motion and life to an otherwise static display.

All Aboard!

Now, exactly what constitutes a Holiday Train seems to vary across the years. The First to be released was 10173 Holiday Train, in 2006: years before the conception of the current Winter Village.

With a passenger car, a flatbed loaded with presents, another carriage loaded with freshly cut Christmas Trees and finally the caboose, this is a set that strives to bring so much of the holiday spirit to the build.  However, this train did not come with any track included. Arriving towards the end of the 9V era of trains, I can see this might have been a little challenging for some consumers.

We didn’t see a Holiday Train of comparable scale until the 2016 Winter Village offering, Winter Holiday Train 10254. Reflecting changing building styles over the year, this train is a little more ‘Baroque’ in its design: featuring a few more fine ornate details compared with its predecessor.

Of course, the winter holiday train has not been limited to Minifigure scale. Last year, we saw a ‘ride on ‘ train released, in a style making it ideal to run within the Winter Village. 

 This year, we have also seen a microscale poly bag released as well, with another bright red engine! featuring the 4 stud wide train wheels, it can also run on the Friends roller coaster track from 2016

Time to Catch up with our Friends Again…

Today we get an interesting collection of elements, including lots of hinge plates, and some octagonal frame. 

 I was left guessing until I finally put the model together, and I am still guessing a little.  I think it is some form of mince tart or cupcake with a dollop of cream beneath the foliage.

Whatever it is, it is making me feel hungry!  Do you have any special insights into the subject mater today?  I wonder we will be lead tomorrow.  Come back then to find out. Until then, Play Well!

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