The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #17

As we continue our investigation of Christmas Holiday LEGO® sets, I thought we would return to Christmas decorations today. Specifically decorations given as a gift with purchase. These almost annual decorations tend to become available as a gift with purchase around early December. I have only obtained one over the years, due to the absence of a local LEGO Brand Retail Store and (until recently) a $200 AUD threshold on free shipping for online orders. That is the toy soldier decoration from 2016.

This is a fairly simple build which make great use of the flare/pearl gold for short buttons as well as plates with vertical clips as hands.

These sets have appeared in 2014,2015,2016 and now 2018. For reasons I don’t understand, 2017 was missed. Neat features of these sets include a small bag with a LEGO Logo on the side, gold string to attach it to the tree and a plate with the year written on it.

These are all pretty simple builds, with variable degree of difficulty. I do admit that I did not feel compelled to place an order this year in order to get the decoration, but the toy soldier in 2016 may well have influenced my decision.

Do you collect these ornaments? Which is your favorite? Why not comment below, after catching up with today’s build from the Friends Advent Calendar.

Today, we have a bright green lightning bolt over door seventeen. I can only imagine that it has something to do with Mia. And as we open the bag of parts, we find lots of lime green and light azure elements – Mia oriented indeed.

And as we look at the picture and assemble the build, we find a roller skate, ready to hit the road, in true Mia Style! Not especially released to the holiday season, unless Mia is hoping to get a new pair of skates for Christmas…

What do you think of today’s build? Why not leave your comments below, and come back tomorrow to see where the Advent-ure takes us. Until then….

Play Well!

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