#LEGOEaster Raffle

FullSizeRender 52The LEGO® Community team have invited those in the Recognised LEGO User Group and Recognised LEGO Fan Media communities to join in the #LEGOEaster Campaign.

To join in, simply take your LEGO related easter photos, label them with the hashtag #LEGOEaster and share them on social media – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, flickr etc.

To make it a little more interesting, the Community Managers have launched a raffle to go with it.

To enter the raffle:

  • You must be affiliated with a RLUG or RLFM. If you wish be to considered affiliated with the Rambling Brick, please leave a link, and your name to your photo in the comments below – so I can verify your affiliation should you be one of the lucky winners. Otherwise, use the name of your  RLUG.  Why not follow the page, or like the Rambling Brick on Facebook while you are at it?
  • Add your image to the specially created Flickr Photo Pool with your first name, the #LEGOEaster tag and your RLUG/RLFM affiliation(the comment on the image for me would read ‘Richard, the rambling brick, #LEGOEaster’).
  • Each image can only be entered once (no reshoots of the same scene from different angles)
  • Entries must be entered into the prize pool by Easter (April 16, 2017)


This is a raffle only.  Skill has no influence on the winning entry. Each image uploaded into the Flickr pool counts as an entry ticket.

There will be 10 prizewinners, each receiving a goodie bag full of LEGO Easter awesomeness and a medium size LEGO® set as well.

Play well.




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