Rolling Along: Rapid Review 70911 The Penguin Arctic Roller

This is the second of my LEGO Batman Movie set Rapid Reviews.  Each of these sets I initially assembled by Facebook Live Stream over the last 3 Saturday nights: while the rest of the World has been able to go out and watch The LEGO® Batman Movie.

70911: Penguin Arctic Roller

IMG_9986.jpgOne of the midrange sets in the LEGO® Batman Range, this set features a slightly different Batman head to the Joker’s Balloon Escape.  The set retails for $AUD 49.99, and has 305 pieces.

The Penguin has always oozed an icy old world charm, and in this set we get it in spades. The vehicle has a slightly cartoonish look, with an amusingly elongated bonnet.  It feels like a vehicle from Wacky Races. As a play feature, there are double missile launchers, sent flying when you push down on the button on the hood.  The penguin has a jet ski tucked in the boot/trunk. This version of the Penguin is exclusive to this set. The Batman figure is not.

hobby cars.png
Vintage Hobby Sets – 390: 1913 Cadillac- 391: 1926 Renault -395: 1909 Rolls Royce

The lines of this set remind me of the classic ‘Hobby Sets for Expert Builders’ released back in the mid 70’s. These vehicles are about the same length, but a little wider and higher than this vehicle.  I am tempted to return to this set later in the year, and rebuild it using the mid 70’s parts palette.  If you have already done this, please let me know. I have seen at least one review on YouTube comparing the two.

What I liked:

  • The lines of this vehicle are magnificent.  A great retro feel – it reminds me of the hobby builds of the mid 70’s.
  • The use of the balloon segment as the front wheel arch.
  • The penguin shaped hood ornament
  • the detail in the lights
  • The Penguin minifigure with his stole and umbrella.
  • Batman has a different face to the previous set I put together.


  • The LEGO Batman Movie hasn’t yet been released in Australia
  • While very detailed, the front lighting assemble feels a bit flimsy.
  • Stickers. I left most off except for the dashboard panel in the car.
  • The car feels quite out of scale for a smaller minifigure such as the Penguin.  However the effect is hilarious.


In short, this is one of the nicest cars I have put together in the last couple of years.  It has a certain stately air to it, even if it feels a little out of proportion with the minifigure. The penguin figure appears suitably angry.  I wonder why? Time will tell.

I give this set 4.5/5 Arbitrary Praise Units: the body is sturdy and it rolls nicely along the ground: smoothly swooshable! The front headlamp assembly felt a little flimsy as I put it together, however it has survived a number of quality crashes into living room furniture!

I hope you have enjoyed this rapid review. What do you think of this set? Come back later in the week for my sum up of Clayface Splat Attack.

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