Clowning Around: Rapid Review 70900 – Joker’s Balloon Escape.

Meanwhile, in Australia: we still eagerly await the arrival of the LEGO Batman Movie.

In the absence of being able to spend your Saturday night watching The LEGO® Batman Movie, there has at least been A LEGO Batman Movie to watch…Admittedly it has just been a live stream of my hands putting together my sets based on the Movie. It’s been a steep learning curve for me, but I think I have just about got it sorted. I won’t suggest too loudly that you should spending your time watching them, but feel free to come along and watch the my last set get assembled next Saturday (17th March) around 2100 Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time.  Commenting is encouraged.  Streaming is being run using Facebook Live via the Rambling Brick Facebook Page.

I have previously justified my choice of sets from the first wave.However, I thought I’d just pen a few quick thoughts about these sets so far.  These are all fairly simple builds, with some interesting aspects, but not the kind of builds that kept me guessing as to ‘what can this bit be.’

I’ll put a quick summary of my thoughts on each of these sets this week, starting with…

70900 Joker’s Balloon Escape

This small ~$AUD20 set contains Batman, and the Joker (with the long coat tails) minifigures with a small portion of the Gotham Energy building. This can be added to in part with Mr Freeze and Scarecrow’s Special Delivery.

As a play feature, the fuel tanks can be made to explode apart.

joker1What I liked:

  • the compact, elegant use of macaroni tubes as piping
  • the tank explosion effect
  • Batman…with Grappling gun
  • The appearance of the Joker – The tails and purple suit works nicely
  • Balloons, and the overall effect of the Joker’s Jet Pack- great use of paint rollers.
  • The Price Point!

What I didn’t Like:

  • The LEGO Batman Movie has not been released in Australia yet!
  •  The Coat Tails are quite fiddly to put attach to the figure.

    A little photo magic sees the Joker Floating away.

In summary

A quick and easy build, well worth the price if you are looking for ‘Movie Joker.’ The balloons look great, and are readily reused in other MOCs. I give it 3.5/5 arbitrary praise units. It’s a great little set, although neither figure is exclusive here.  I hope you enjoyed this ‘Rapid Review.’  Come back later in the week to find my musings on 70911: The  Penguin Arctic Roller and 70904: Clayface Splat Attack

Play well.

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