31058 Mighty Dinosaurs: Enough Teasers. Here’s My Review

I have referred to the new Creator 3-in-1 Set 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs several times in the last month.  I like it. A Lot.  It has taught me about unfamiliar elements, as well as demonstrates the use of some of the new SNOT elements that have appeared over the last year or so.

img_9671The box art features a yellow border, introduced this year after a few years absence.  The feel is delightfully retro, and extends across the Creator 2017 range.  The from demonstrates the 3 main models: a tyrannosaurus rex, a pteranodon and a triceratops.  The back of the box shows alternate views of these, as well as a picture of a brachiosaurus – with instructions available on line.  The box is secured with security tape, so with a quick flick of my penknife we were in.

There were a couple of unmarked bags, and three instruction manuals.  There are a total of 174 pieces, as well as a couple of spares. The set feels as though it contains predominantly green and dark green plates and bricks, with a smattering of tan,white  black and dark grey.


Here are the elements that I was unable to locate in the parts database over at brickiest.com in mid february. As such I had considered them to be new molds or recolours.  In reality, the  earth green elements are new recolours, as is the dark tan 1×2 with 2studs on 2 sides and the other SNOT bricks are relatively new elements. All elements have now been added to the inventory, revealing their true distribution.


I have already written about the changing nature of SNOT construction as a result of the new elements here – particularly the 1×1 with studs on 2 adjacent sides, and the 1×2 x 1 2/3 with 4 studs on one side. These are new elements within the part year.

I have also written about the use of the ball cup , high friction with rubber. The friction element ball’ and ‘bush with connecting part has also been around for a few years, but never in Creator sets.

The Builds.

All of the builds are straight forward, but use some techniques that may be unfamiliar to some.

The hero build for this set is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  This model uses some interesting techniques that I haven’t seen before.  Partly because I haven’t spent a lot of time with the construction figures, and partly because some techniques are relatively new.

The legs utilise the friction element previously discussed to add height, and maintain posture. The half friction ball is also used here to provide some flexibility at the ankles, but not so much as to allow significant lateral motion.

The head is constructed using the new SNOT bricks and the final result is quite impressive. I especially appreciate the way that the dual arch piece is used to frame the eye sockets on this model and the triceratops.


The next model included, after deconstruction of the first is a pteranodon.


The wings stretch out nicely, and the head, legs and wings are all extremely posable.

The third model is a triceratops.


I really like the look of this model from the front.  The legs feel a little stumpy, but given the parts available, I think it is a brilliant build. The back of the shield is not quite tidy, with the back of the teeth plates plainly visible BUT the effect from other angles is great, and I would not begrudge it.

On the last page of the first model’s instructions, a further image is provided of a large sauropod, with instructions available here.


Admittedly, I put it together the week I got the Classic Creator Red Box… and the new eyes just looked too good here:


Overall, I love the models on offer in this set.  In fact the parts selection has led to a large number of submissions in the new LEGO® Ideas Test Lab, where a ‘4th Build’ Competition is currently entering its final stages. Why not go over there and see what other people have come up with.  This would intact seem to be the set that most people have chosen to use to develop their 4th build. Admittedly, for this set it would be

Personally, I this set also has a bit to offer as a landscape development kit.  Greens and tans and grey.  Plates and curves.  Now All I need is a little time to spend developing it.  Why are March and February always so busy?

I strongly recommend this set: the included models are great and include some new and unfamiliar techniques for Creator builders.  It’s a strong set, with a great parts mix and sets high standards for 2017.  I award it 5 out of a possible 5 Arbitrary Praise Units. That’s my first perfect score.

By the way, given that you are here on the internet, reading about LEGO® products, have you checked out creator.LEGO.com? They focus on different sets each month, set challenges related to different sets, and building hints that you can extend throughout your LEGO® building.

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