Cafe construction: Superman Versus Bizarro Mighty Micros

Last year, the Mighty Micros were a surprisingly fun addition to the superhero range.  I had a few hours to pass this week, so I  picked up this set for $AUD15, bought a coffee, sat down and got to work.

I especially love the giant fists, waiting for application in a mech, real soon now.  I also appreciate the way Bizzaro’s car is essentially the same as Superman’s, but facing the other way.  In addition to the small collection of table scrap, we also have a spare set of capes(both purple and red) for backup, or when one is in the laundry.

A quick and easy build, it didn’t take much longer than a cup of coffee to put together. The vehicles are fun to race around the table.

I like the figures, with their cartoonish figures, and the design of the vehicles. They are extremely swooshable! I am looking forward to putting together  the other sets in the range this year, especially Batman/Killer Moth and Iron Man/Thanos. I give the set 3.5 arbitrary praise units. I am wondering if the Marvel Superheroes will get their own app like the DC ones do… time will tell, but I am not hopeful.  This year’s DC Mighty Micros Characters have been incorporated into this year’s update of the game.

Play well.

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