Play on:Mighty Micros the 2017 update

No sooner has the park level been unlocked, and  we have seen another update to the LEGO DC Superheroes Mighty Micros App this week.

With this update, we add new heroes and villains to the game, and both can act as chasers or chasees (or chased).

  • Helicopter Batman and Killer Moth
  • Superman and Bizzarro
  • Wonder Woman and Doomsday

I love the vehicle designs used in this series. I remain bemused at superman and bizzarro requiring vehicles. One of the highlights though is that their bizarro’s is the reverse of Superman’s.

Also added to the game play have been unlockable ‘horn tones’ ranging from bicycle bells to outright squelch tonesand the classic ‘honk’, this adds a degree of amusement to the gameplay.
New characters were unlocked quite quickly- after picking up around one hundred studs – but perhaps fewer.

I continue to find the game enjoyable, but it is repetitive.

I am however, looking forward to this year’s sets being freely available.  I do wonder why there is not some form of similar app for the Marvel Mighty Micros.

What do think of this app? Did you get involved with it last year? Will you continue with?  Why not share your thoughts in the comments.
Play well!

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