Building up 40222: The First couple of days…

Yesterday, we had a quick overview of the 40222: Christmas Buildup.  Let’s start looking through the daily builds.  We will have some catch-up for a couple of days. I hope you enjoy finding out about the first two.

Day 1: I saw 3 ships go sailing by.

Well, at least one anyway. This small sailing vessel is made of 19 pieces.  Recently LEGO:Rebrick held a competition looking for microscale builds, and I think this is a great example of what they were looking for. I suspect we will see a lot of these sorts of builds in the run up to christmas, as we often do in the more traditional LEGO® Advent Calendars. The use of bricks with studs on the side to attach portals to, as well as the cheese slopes for the bow and stern introduces SNOT  techniques in a small build.  But my favourite lesson in this model comes from the the grey plates above and below those SNOT bricks: bricks side by  side should be locked in position by other pieces bridging the gap.


Day 2: Mixel eyes make everything better.

Our second build teaches us the most important lesson about building with LEGO® bricks: You often need to pull apart your previous model to build the next one.  The first step of this build (and every subsequent build) is to pull apart the previous day’s model with the brick separator: the dark grey 1×4 plate from the base of the boat forms the structure of the antlers.  I have also taken artistic license here, and angled the corner plates to take the typically organic antlers off the grid.


I enjoyed both of these builds, and am looking forward to the finding out what is in store next.

What is the highlight of your LEGO® Advent Builds?

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