Christmas Build-Up: 40222

We all love the build up to Christmas don’t we?

I would like to start by apologising for not starting this article earlier… Taking my own shopping advice, I was attracted to this set, and delayed my order for a few days, until it became available.  Unfortunately, the package containing this great seasonal gift with purchase didn’t arrive at my home until December 5th.IMG_2623.JPG

This set comes in a solid cardboard box, with double folded reinforced ends, similar to the LEGO® Ideas sets.  It feels solid and tangible when you pick it up.  The cover art depicts a selection of the models constructed as part of the great Build Up to Christmas.   When you open it up, there are a few things you notice: There are several polybages containing 250 pieces in total, a brick separator and two instruction manuals.
IMG_2624.JPGThere is an interesting collection of pieces to be found inside the set: balls,  bricks with studs on the side, offset plates and masonary bricks, just to name a few.

And plates.

Lots of plates.


The set promises a new model to build, every day in December up to Christmas Eve… Building up to Christmas: Each day has a small, micro type build. However, not all models can be constructed at a time, and we are reminded of this frequently on the box art.

I will aim to catch up over the next few days, and get the first  few models posted.

I am yet to pass judgment on this set for its quality or content.


I love the box: it feels like a sturdy place to keep the pieces from this set, as well as some of the mystery.  It would be great to be able to build all these models at once.  That said, most of the parts are fairly generic, and not unique to this set. Except one…

Let’s see how things pan out over the next few days…

Come back tomorrow, and I’ll get the building underway.

Play well

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