Catching up on the Buildup to Christmas

Day 3: do you see what I see?

This bright green gift is made of 24 pieces, including a 3×3 white plate. The model is not quite a cube: three studs Square at the base, would mean it should be six and a half plates tall. A selection of cheese wedges fashions an elegant bow on top.

The great thing about such a cuboid shape is that it provides a great opportunity to demonstrate the differences between using a typical wide angle lens such as that from a phone, and a 50mm lens.  

On the left, the image was captured using the telephoto ’50mm’ lens on an iPhone 7plus.  On the right, the standard wide angle lens was used. 

Do you see how the distortion is reduced when the ’50mmm lens is used?  It makes a huge difference in the shape of the model.  Food for thought, especially if you are planning to take some photos of you minifigure a in the wild, but not lug the SLR around.

Day 4: fauna.

Is it a puppy? Is it a monkey? This debate lasted for a whole day on some forums. I’m going with puppy. Such detail in 26 pieces. Even the tail moves.  I can see where the controversy lies: you may imagine a dog’s nose be set up more as sitting in the end of a snout, rather than on top of the jowls/ mouth like this. But the rest of the build suggests canine. Place your vote here.

 Until tomorrow….

play well.

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