The LEGO® Group’s First 3D-Printed Element Is Available For a Limited Time From The LEGO House.

At the AFOL Day at LEGO® House this year, visitors who purchased one of the commemorative minifigures were given a LEGO Wooden Duck. Well, not the Wooden Duck, but a 3D-printed Duck, printed as a single element. It was hinted that this was working towards a more general release.

Now, for a limited time, visitors to the LEGO house will be able to buy one of these elements, in conjunction with a printed minifigure.

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Counting down to 90 Years of Play, Part 1: 1932-1941

In a little over a week, the LEGO Group will celebrate its 90th anniversary: 9 decades since a danish carpenter decided to turn his hand to building toys. The legacy of this decision is now well known, and as we move closer to this date, I would like to present some images sent through from the LEGO Group, covering the people, and some of the products seen over the years.

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