10329 Tiny Plants: Hands-On Review

Ever since we got our first look at the Floral Bouquet, the Botanical Collection has become a go-to place for hunting down mind bending recolours, improbably geometries and parts usage that is down right unexpected (and , dare I say, somewhat neat). The latest addition,10329 Tiny Plants is no exception. Following in the footsteps of the last year’s Succulents, this collection brings us 9 plants in total, brought to us in the context of small pot plants. – Three groups of Three, each with uniting theme: Tropical plants, Carnivorous Plants and Arid Plants. So how does the building experience stack up? I was delighted when the LEGO Group provided a copy of the set for review before its release on December 1, 2023. Let’s take a look…

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New Botanical Collection: Orchid and Succulents revealed in time for Mothers’ Day!

The new botanical Collection debuted in January 2021, and exceeded expectations for introducing a new range of LEGO sets, designed for display around the home. Bringing us 3 sets – The Floral Bouquet, Bonsai Tree and Bird of Paradise Flower – all suffering from ‘hard to getness’ in their first few months – the LEGO Group has now revealed two more sets for release on May 1, available to preorder from 15 April…just in time for Mothers’ Day in some countries (Australia included).

The new sets include an Orchid, designed by Mike Psiaki, and a selection of different Succulents, brought to us by Anderson Ward Grubb, lead designer on the Floral Bouquet.

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