Prices of LEGO Sets Ready To Rise In August-September 2022.[Announcement]

One of the things that I have appreciated across the years that I have spent as a purchaser of Lego sets is the way in which the price has typically been consistent for the time that they have spent available on the market.

Unfortunately, due to the various factors affecting the cost of living and inflation generally such as the costs of energy, raw materials and transportationand more, THE LEGO Group has today announced that there will be price rises across the portfolio taking place over the next few months.

It is anticipated that around 150-190 of the approximately 600 sets currently in the LEGO portfolio. Some of the sets will increase in price a few percent, while others might increase by 15-25% according advice received by German retailers, and reported on via It goes without saying that going forward, sets are likely to be more expensive than they have been.

I remember the outrage coast a few years ago when a new version of the LEGO® Star Wars Death Star playset was reissued barely six months after the previous version had retired . It was around 100 USD more expensive, for a similar part count. While the new version was more expensive, it was pretty well consistent with a CPI increase, averaged out over the previous eight years. It would appear that the increases in costs are now being applied to sets already released.

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