LEGO® Super Mario’s Rogues Gallery: A Guide.

The recently released LEGO Super Mario theme introduces over twenty ‘enemies’ for Mario to defeat over the course of different games: some are easy to beat with a single scan on their barcode; some require specific powerups; some need to be scanned multiple times by Mario. In this article, we look at the enemies that Mario encounters, consider some of the things unique to that character; and how many coins can be gained by defeating them.

You may have already bought a couple of LEGO Super Mario sets – the Starter pack is essential for Game Play, while the expansion sets provide us with more opportunities to have fun with the game. You might be trying to decide which expansion set is for you. You might be looking for a specific enemy, or you might be looking for a way to maximise your score in a run through the game: hopefully, this guide will help.

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Expanding LEGO Super Mario with the gift with Purchase: 40414: Monty Mole and Super Mushroom

I love a gift with purchase, and I love a chain reaction.

So, when LEGO offered to send me 41404 Monty Mole and Super Mushroom – the gift with purchase for those who preordered their LEGO Super Mario Starter Sets a little while back, I was quite excited. The set has 163 pieces, and comes with a Super Mushroom, POW Box, Stone Eye and Monty Mole.

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Expanding LEGO® Super Mario – 71363 Desert Pokey

There are currently eleven expansion sets in LEGO Super Mario. Some sets, such as the Piranha Power Slide are a challenge in themselves – and provide sufficient challenge to be the primary content of a game in its own right. Other levels, such as 71367 Mario’s House, exist primarily as scenery, and for general play value, rather than being a greatly interactive part of game play. And then there are some expansion packs which add a degree of challenge and interactivity, but can typically only be played through once in a level. 71363 Desert Pokey is such an expansion pack: once you have played it in the course of a game, you need to take time to set it back up. Like all other expansion packs, you need 71360 Adventures with Mario to truly enjoy the gaming experience.

In the world of Mario, a Pokey is a cactus like creature, typically living in the desert. They are destroyed segment by segment, and alternate between spiked and non spiked forms.

In 71363 LEGO Super Mario Desert Pokey gives brings us a 4 segmented Pokey, along with some desert landscape, a hammer with which to destroy the Pokey, and a Monty Mole character.

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