Expanding LEGO® Super Mario – 71363 Desert Pokey

There are currently eleven expansion sets in LEGO Super Mario. Some sets, such as the Piranha Power Slide are a challenge in themselves – and provide sufficient challenge to be the primary content of a game in its own right. Other levels, such as 71367 Mario’s House, exist primarily as scenery, and for general play value, rather than being a greatly interactive part of game play. And then there are some expansion packs which add a degree of challenge and interactivity, but can typically only be played through once in a level. 71363 Desert Pokey is such an expansion pack: once you have played it in the course of a game, you need to take time to set it back up. Like all other expansion packs, you need 71360 Adventures with Mario to truly enjoy the gaming experience.

In the world of Mario, a Pokey is a cactus like creature, typically living in the desert. They are destroyed segment by segment, and alternate between spiked and non spiked forms.

In 71363 LEGO Super Mario Desert Pokey gives brings us a 4 segmented Pokey, along with some desert landscape, a hammer with which to destroy the Pokey, and a Monty Mole character.

The Elements

The Pokey is constructed as a stack of boxes, with green spikes on the side, as such, there are 12 2×2 offset plates in flame yellowish orange; a printed face for our pole and 4 inverse tiles. We also have an 8×8 ‘landscape node’ plate with rounded corners. The Bright Green ‘pyramid tiles’ represent a new colour for this element.

Our second bag comes with a collection of tan SNOT elements, as well as some green headlamp bricks – which in conjunction with the rounded tiles and arches go towards making up cactuses.

We have some spiky green 2×2 round bricks; as well as a dome: these elements are new for this year, otherwise appearing in the Pirhana power slide set. We also have a printed face for Monty Mole and some 4×4 rounded ‘landscape node’ plates.

The Characters.

There are two characters present in this expansion set: The Pokey and Monty Mole.

The Pokey consist of 4 stacked cubes: the top featuring a face print as well as a flower on top. The other segments feature 1×1 pyramid tiles in green on three out of 4 sides. On the back, we have a vertical bar, with an inverted cone mounted on it, and help in a groove that runs down the from of the tall sand structure.

Monty Mole is a simple build – very similar to the Goombas in design. Featuring a couple of 1×1 SNOT bricks underneath a 2×2 brick, with the printed face. The studs on the side bind a 2×2 curved slope on each side, supported by a 1×2 plate with claws. He is topped off with an action brick

Take One Trip Through The Landscape

The tall sand dune, which goes to support the Pokey, has a path coming in and out. In front of the pokey is a tray, for Mario to stand in. This tray rotates, swinging a mallet in the process. This knocks out individual segments of the pokey, until you reveal the Action Brick to scan on top of one of the segments. Each swing gives you coins.

The rotating mallet platform: on standing in the tray, Mario’s music changes, and he gets coins for swinging and changing direction.

Only one of the Pokey segments has an Action brick to Scan:

As one of the cheaper Expansion Sets, this does not come with a power up brick, such as a one up mushroom or time bonus. However, you do get two enemies smite as you travel around your course. I could see it providing inspiration for a larger version – either stacking multiple segments together, or creating larger segments that will be harder to knock out. Unfortunately, once you have knocked the Pokey out, you need to pause your play, if you wish to knock it down again in the same game. That said, I found it fun to knock the segments out, as I played through this expansion. There is a very definite satisfaction to be gained in smacking the segemnts around the layout, but that is offset by the frustration to be had in trying to locate and scan the segment to get you coins.

Scoring Tips:

How can you maximise your coin collection in this level? Why not do some extra spins back and forth with the mallet: Typically, you get a coin for every strike or direction change. you can do some extra back and forth swings to get a coin score multiplier. Once you have completed that, there is no limit to the number of times you can jump on Many Mole – but it is only one coin per jump.

71367 LEGO Super Mario Desert Pokey costs 19,99 USD/EUR- $AU29.99/$NZ34.99 and comes with 180 pieces. It will have a general release on the 1st August 2020

What do you think of this expansion set? Is it one you would like to get, or would you look at one of the others? Leave your comments below, and let me know if you find these expansion pack reviews useful.

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Play Well.

This set was provided by the LEGO group for Review Purposes. All opinions are my own

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