World’s Biggest LEGO Shop to open 11th November 2023

A few weeks ago, we revealed that, in the spirit of Australia’s penchant for Big Things, the world’s largest LEGO Shop will be opening in Australia Mall, overlooking Pitt St, Sydney, and now we have a date: the store will open its doors on November the 11th at 9:30 am. ( and eagle eyed subscribers will have noticed that I initially placed an incorrect date in the text. This has been corrected. Thanks to you all)

The new store will feature a minifigure factory – the first in Australia – as well as all of the features we have come to expect from a LEGO Store.

It feels like only yesterday (it was in fact 18 months ago!) that we were seeing the largest LEGO Store in the Southern hemisphere open in Melbourne central, but this new store is set to overtake all others as far as floor space is concerned!

At this stage, we have seen a couple of previews of models in the store, but we are yet to see whether there will be a ‘sit in’ display akin to the Melbourne tram (perhaps a Sydney Ferry?)or London Underground. And what will be incorporated in the mural on the wall? I can only suspect that it might involve many of the landmarks associated with Sydney Harbour such as the Bridge and Opera House (which just turned 50 last week). We do know that “The landmark store will include exclusive large-format brick-built features that draw inspiration from local architecture, with the design based on ‘Stories of Australia’ bringing a combination of Sydney and Australian culture to life in LEGO brick form…”

The Rambling Brick will be heading up to Sydney for a couple of meetings that week, and so I expect to be at the opening on Saturday Morning. If we have the chance to preview the store before hand, be sure that we will post news here.

If the opening is anything like other certified store openings, purchases over a certain value will receive a LEGO Store model, and just maybe a Sydney tile. I’m sure more details will come to light as the date approaches…

Will you be attending the opening? Leave your comments below, and I hope to catch up on the day.

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2 thoughts on “World’s Biggest LEGO Shop to open 11th November 2023

  1. Not wishing to take anything away from the Sydney store, but programmes such as the LEGO Insiders Program, LEGO gift cards and LEGO promotions aren’t valid at LEGO Certified Stores!

    • That’s quite true In October 2023. There are moves to integrate them in ‘the future’.
      They have their own loyalty program which isn’t too shabby. We cannot purchase ‘full’ LEGO gift cards in Australia – but we can get gift cards for our LCS. (e gift cards are available, which can only be redeemed online)
      Importantly though, you CAN get your passport stamped!

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