New DREAMZzz Episodes Now Live: Inspiration for Further Builds

Have you been following LEGO DREAMZzz, the animated series that is serving as the basis for the latest original LEGO Play theme (or vice versa)? Have you just picked up a bunch of the new sets and are now trying to work out what’s going on? Did you watch the first part of the series and wonder how the story was going to continue?

Great news: the Part 2 of Season One has now dropped on Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube in Australia: the Rest of the World Can’t be Far behind.

At the End of Part one, the Cream Chasers were searching for Castle Nocturnia, but before they can proceed, they have to deal with the fact that every kid in the school is experiencing the same nightmares. While working around this, the creative leads have also been having a bit of fun:

In the first couple of episodes we see some new interpretations of sets from the first wave including the Z-Blob Robot; The Crocodile car; SpaceBus and the Nightmare Shark Ship. This really excites me, as it can provide kids (and AFOLS) with further inspiration for for further ways to develop the sets beyond the 2 builds shown in the instructions. These might not necessarily be something you can put together solely using the elements in the sets, but are potentially relatively simple conversions, and another great starting point for people starting off in the world of developing their own creations.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I am glad to see the kids who appeared in the background of the first drop of episodes, and as imprisoned dreamers in the sets, Nova and Jayden, have their characters developed a bit further as members of the insomniacs, and play an active role in the story development.

We see other new locations, and I find myself hoping for some of these locations and figures to appear in the wave of sets:. We are yet to get Minifigures of our heroes in the Real World, and I was just a little disappointed that we didn’t get Mr Oz’s Real World figure, with the classic space logo on his torso in the first wave.

I’ve only watched the first few episodes from the second part, and cant wait to see whats coming. DREAMZzz has visited many other themes old and new in the first wave of sets, and the possibility of Castle Nocturnia turning up and becoming part of the next wave of sets is quite exciting – Castle would be one of the few ‘Classic’ themes not yet really touched on in the DREAMZzz sets.

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