40562 Creator 3 in 1: Mystic Witch: Gift With Purchase 14-31st October

It’s a funny time of the year: the Christmas/Holiday season sets have been announced, but the Gifts with Purchase are a bit unpredictable until we enter November: We went with early October purchases to secure the Gift with Purchase Ideas Set ‘Ray the Castaway’ and then out of nowhere… This Happens.

The 40562 Mystic Witch set is a Creator 3-in-1 set that will be available as a gift with purchase in the second half of October 2022 (there might even be a day or two of overlap with double GWP Points if you are really clever). In Australia, the purchase threshold is $165 AUD (or $USD100/€100/£100 ROTW): Perfect if you are looking at 10308 – The Holiday Main Street in time for the holidays- or another copy of 10497 Galaxy Explorer because it is an awesome set!

I was fortunate to be sent a copy to look at: will it be enough to trigger purchases during the latter half of October, before the Christmas GWPs start to appear, and indeed before Black Friday in November? Let’s take a look!

The set comes in a medium size box, with 4 unnumbered bags, containing around 260 elements (including the spares). As you can see, There is an emphasis on Black, medium lilac, and lavender, along with bright yellowish (lime) green and bright orange. There are some pearl gold elements for trim, as well as some reddish brown and grear structural elements. Most of the elements have been well established over the last few years, thenks to themes such as Friends, Harry Potter and Lightyear, but a couple of elements stand out: the 8×8 radar dish is not new, but has only appeared in 3 other sets in the last 10 years, including the LEGO Ideas Motorised Lighthouse, as well as the Creator 3in1 Supersonic Jet, from earlier this year. The lavendar 1x2x1 2/3 arch is new in this set, while the dar green bush has only been presented a couple of times previously.

As you can see from the box illustrations, this set has 3 models.

Build 1: the Mystic Witch

The main model is the eponymic Mystic Witch. Using up virtually all of the elements in the set (and certainly the entire inventory), there are three main parts to this model: the base/skirt; the torso and the head. There are also a few of those familiar necessities of witchcraft on all hallow’s eve: the spider, frog, broom and Pumpkin!

The skirt starts off on two 8×4 semcircular plates, with the quadrands divided by some SNOT bricks and slopes. The mode clever part of this build, in my eyes, was the use of the 2×3 shields to attach the triangular inserts to complete her medium lilac dress.

From here, we go to work on the torso, and the head, building up details: the details are sparse around her back. however, the model gived you a chance to build her up on a plate, which then attaches via a technic pin to her lower section, while a click hinge forms her neck. A variety of angled lime plates for the shape of her face, and black clips form some curly locks of hair. She also has hair buns to each side. Quarter circle tiles make up her eyebrows, while a 1×1 curved element forms her nose. Another tile forms her smiling mouth. That said, rotating the nose and mouth adjust her expression completely:

The arms have a fixed curve, but are attached using small ball joints at the shoulders. finally, we add the hat (which is the same between each build) as well as her broom, made up of technic elements, plates and the dark green bush. A small pumpkin, as well as the wand, spider and frog elements complete the ensemble.

Build 2: Enter the Dragon

The second build is significantly simpler, and only uses around half of the elements available. Starting on a 4×6 plate. the base is built up with sloped bricks, as well as SNOT elements. A 2×8 plate with a combination of lime elements on makes up the lime breast, as well as the face of the dragon. The wings are simply constructed, BUT take advantage of the pentagonal tiles fo decoration and quality reptilian effect. The tail explots the curved plates, and is attached via a clip/bar connection around the back. The arms are short, with little detail, but atleast he can hold the wand, should the witch need sorting out!

I am almost disapointed that there is no smoke or flame coming out of his his nose. That said, it is one of those things I see in myimagination. I think the face and head are well done here, conveying the sense of character with very few elements. The had attaches to the dragon’s head via a technic axle into a 2×1 brick with axle hole, the same technique used with the witch, as well asn the subsequent cat.

Build 3: The Witch’s Cat

The final build brings us the cat. rather than the traditional black, this creepy cat is in fact purple. Perhaps it is, in fact our witch, transmogrified? Or maybe just a cat…in which case, why is it wearing a hat?

The build is simple enough, taking advantage of the other elements present, and using a sandwich technique with the wedge plates to form the legs. Again, the slopes and the pentagonal tils provide the details for the side of the cat’s body. The claw element is used effectively as the cat’s whikers

The only, slightly churlish, criticism that I have with this model is the relative lack of realistic mostion possible for the legs. Modelment is limeted by the presentce of other elements present within the build. I was impressed, however at the effect that changing the angle of the dat’s head had on its appearance and attitude.

Larger character builds have been gaining prominence for the public, through LEGO Masters in particular, and this set embraces that trend. While the models may lack details around the back, they are all suitably whimsical, and are probably more appealing to children, or new AFOLs, looking for techniques, rather than experienced builders. Still, all of the builds are a bit of fun, and I would give this set a comfortable 3 out of 5 Arbitrary Praise Units.

I expect, were this to be available to purchase, that it might be around $25 -30AUD RRP, and as such conveys around 15-20% bonus LEGO elements to your purchase, if you keep close to the purchase threshold.

Other offers that are scheduled to come on line in this month – Thanks to my Rakuten newsletter include (affiliate links follow)…

What do you think of this set? Just what you need to do some more online shopping?Or will you wait and see what Black Friday has in store? Why mot leave your comments below, and until next time…

Play Well!

This set was provided by the LEGO Group for Review Purposes: all opinions are my own.

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