71402 LEGO® Super Mario Buildable Characters: Series 4. Biomes, Coins and Mysteries.

Here in Melbourne, it’s March the 10th, Mar10 Day, and to celebrate, we have a new review. This time it is 71402, Series 4 of the Buildable Characters. This set was released at the start of the year but has only just started to become available in Australia. I was fortunate to be sent a box of 18 figures by the LEGO Group for review.

Like Series 3, there are 10 figures in the series and only 18 in the box. The front 8 in each box are doubled up in the left and right columns, while the back row has 2 different figures., Mechatroopa on the left, Stingby on the right.

The figures come in a blind bag, similar to the Collectable minifigures, and have a code on the back. I would like to clarify that this code is used for Quality Control purposes: It indicates the week of the year/a letter code for the factory/the last digit of the year of packaging. There is no correlation between the code on the bag, and the figure inside. These marks are present on virtually all LEGO products – printed on the bag, embossed on the box or printed on the tape sealing the box shut.

Known Factory codes include:

  • H = Nyíregyháza, Hungary
  • R = Ciénega de Flores, Mexico
  • S = Kladno, Czech Republic
  • Q = Purkersdorf, Austria
  • B = Shenzhen, China
  • M = Billund, Denmark
  • O = Billund, Denmark

So the code 43S1 means that the bag was packed in week 43 between 25th and 31st of October, in 2021, at the factory in Kladno, Czechia.

Anyway, here are the figures as presented in the box, from front to back, as well as their properties:

Coin Coffer

  • Biome: Beachside Pier
  • Unique Behaviour: You have a limited time to scan Coin Coffer – each scan yields a coin, and you have approximately 3 seconds. My best score has been 8 coins
  • Each scan yields 1 coin.
  • Rescannable? NO

Ant Trooper

  • Biome: Soil
  • Scan in Game: One Coin
  • Rescannable? One Coin

Scaredy Rat

  • Biome: soil/walls
  • Scan in Game: One Coin
  • Rescannable? One Coin each time.

Baby Penguin

  • Biome: Ice
  • Unique Behaviour: Scan results in a greeting to Mario. ‘Hello’, Its me again,
  • Scan in Game: 5 coins with ‘Hello’ Other Greeting seem to give between 1 and 3 coins
  • Rescannable? Yes – variable reward.


  • Biome: Grass/Rock
  • Scan in Game: 1 coin
  • Rescannable? Yes


  • Biome: Ice.
  • Unique Behaviour: Some Great light royal blue and medium blue elements. Unless Mario is invincible, Freezie will freeze Mario over, preventing him from scoring any coins for 5 seconds.
  • Scan in Game: When Scanned, Mario freezes over, and enters a ‘no score state’ for a few seconds. If you have Star Power, you score 6 points ( Technically, 3 points, and star power grants a double score)
  • Rescannable? 1 Coin (if still in star power – 2 coins)


  • Biome: Lava/Dungeon
  • Unique Behaviour: Cannot be simply scanned. If you scan it ’normally’, an exclaimation mark appears on Mario’s belly screen. Mario needs to somersault as you move him over to scan Bully.
  • Scan in Game: 9 coins after somersaulting onto the tile. If you have Star Power: 12 coins
  • Rescannable? One coin


  • Biome:: desert/oasis.
  • Scan in Game: 1 coin
  • Rescannable? 1 coin


  • Biome: Wooden floor
  • Unique Behaviour: Only one per box: Back left. I’ll have to admit, this is my favorite looking character in the set.
  • Scan in Game: One Coin
  • Rescannable? yes


  • Biome: Grass
  • Unique Behaviour: Only 1/box – back right.
  • Scan in Game: 1 coin
  • Rescannable? 1 coin

In conclusion, I was initially sceptical when Mario returned with another set of figures. These characters are starting to become a bit obscure, but are still fun builds. As always, there are no stickers to apply, and I love the variety of colours present across the range. I am disappointed that there is only one complete set in each box.

If you are fortunate enough to find an untouched box, it is easy enough to get a full set – but remember, there are only 8 of the second set in each box, and each box has the same distribution.

I am sorry to see that this distribution has been continued, as it brings unnecessary scarcity into the ecosystem. Fortunately, the ‘hard to find’ characters do not demonstrate any interesting scoring behaviours and are simple ‘single-scan’ enemies.

With this series, we have six figures with ‘One scan, one coin, and repeat’, while the other four: Coin Coffer, Baby Penguin, Freezie, and Bully offer the chance to gain extra coins or to be frozen out.

Priced at AUD5.99, USD 4.99, €3.99, £3.49, these are a terrific little parts packs typically laden with a small selection of interesting parts, and typically offordable to the majority of kids who have a bit of pocket money to spend..

What do you think of this series? Who is your favorite? Leave you comments below, and until next time…

Play Well!

2 thoughts on “71402 LEGO® Super Mario Buildable Characters: Series 4. Biomes, Coins and Mysteries.

  1. I like that you’ve listed all this detail. You seem to have the most compiled detail than anywhere else. I’m curious, is it possible that Freezie acts similar to the Poison Mushroom where if you move it to a color square (green, red, etc) then it’ll unfreeze Mario and give coins?

    • I’ll double check- I tried this, but I don’t recall that ‘heating mario up’ did anything- I’m away for the weekend and will investigate on my return.

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