10299 LEGO® SANTIAGO BERNABÉU – Home of Real Madrid Revealed. Top 10 Largest Sets Revised. Again.

Over the last few years, the LEGO Group have released a number of stadia for Football(soccer) fans around the world: Old Trafford; Camp Nou, and today, the LEGO Group reveal Santiago Bernabéu, the home of Real Madrid as the latest stadium to be produced into a complex LEGO Set.

Real Madrid is celebrating its 120th anniversary, and the grounds are celebrating their 75th anniversary, so reproducing the grounds this year seem like a natural choice. The set goes on sale in LEGO stores, from www.lego.com/Real-Madrid and in Real Madrid stores on 1st March 2022 for the recommended retail price of €349.99 / $349.99 / £309.99 /449.99 CAD / 549.99 AUD. It has 5876 pieces and measures 44x38x14 cm. With this many pieces, it is, technically (by part count) a larger set than the Diagon Alley set from 2020. There have been a couple of changes to the top 10 since I last presented it in September last year… so read on to get those details.

The spectacular home of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol can now be built in
 LEGO® brick form as the ultimate display piece for fans

Today the LEGO Group reveals a stunning homage to one of the most beloved football teams in the world — the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, a faithful replica of the home of Real Madrid.

The LEGO® Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium set coincides with the club’s 120th anniversary and the 75th anniversary of the iconic grounds.  The impressive set features over 5,800 pieces and has been designed to be the ultimate display piece for Real Madrid C.F. and LEGO fans — and to symbolise the spectacular pride felt by fans watching a match take place at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

This interactive and immersive set features many specialised details which make it an accurate replica of the stadium from both up-close and afar. A lift-off roof and the ability to open up the model by “splitting” it in half, encourages users to engage with the many details of the set — from the pitch with the famous grass pattern, the venue’s iconic four towers, the goals, tunnel, dugout, scoreboard, banners, stickers, stairwells, iconic Real Madrid C.F. branding, and more.

Milan Madge, Designer at the LEGO Group commented: “Real Madrid is one of the most remarkable football clubs in history — which is why recreating the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in LEGO brick form was such an incredibly rewarding experience. Authenticity and sense of scale are key factors in this recreation, so that builders can truly feel the atmosphere of this dazzling and vast stadium. This set allows builders to bring the much-loved homebase of Real Madrid into their own home for years to come.”

The LEGO® Real Madrid Santiago Bernabéu Stadium set goes on sale in LEGO stores, from www.lego.com/Real-Madrid and in Real Madrid stores on 1st March 2022 for the recommended retail price of €349.99 / $349.99 / £309.99 /449.99 CAD / 549.99 AUD.

Now… As I mentioned, there have been some changes to the top 10 largest LEGO Sets since Camp Nou was released last year (And it Debuted at Number 8

#1 31203: World Map, July 2021. 11695 Pieces

#2 10294: Titanic, November 2021. 9090 Pieces

#3 10276: Colosseum, November 2020. 9036 Pieces

#4 75192: Millenium Falcon, September 2017. 7541 Pieces

#5 75313: AT-AT, November 2021; 2785 pieces.

#6 71043: Hogwarts Castle, September 2019 6020 Pieces

#7 10256: Taj Mahal, December 2017. 5923 Pieces

#8 10189: Taj Mahal, August 2008. 5922 Pieces

#9 71741: Ninjago City Gardens, January 2021 5685 Pieces

#10 10299 Santiago Bernabéu, March 2022; 5876 Pieces

With all but the (original) Taj Mahal in this list released in the last 5 years, we can see the commitment that the LEGO Group is currently making to Adult builders. Unfortunately, as soon as the next 6000 piece set is released, this latest will be knocked out. At the rate sets of unusual size are being released, I give it around six months to remain in the list.

In the meantime, if you are a fan of Real Madrid, or just a fan of Football, I expect this stadium is more appealing than a top 10 list. What do you think of the set? A Meditative exercise in Mindfullness; A way to construct a sporting venue, a modern day colosseum? Why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well.

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