Announcing ‘Extra Pieces’ – a Podcast collaboration with Jay’s Brick Blog

Jay’s Brick Blog and the Rambling Brick are excited to announce the arrival of their new collaborative podcast: “Extra Pieces.” 

Now available through major podcasting platforms, “Extra Pieces” will see Jay from Jays Brick Blog and Richard from the Rambling brick will engage in conversation around sets they have built, themes they have loved, trends they have observed and parts they have stepped on.

Jay says”Richard likes to talk a lot. With the right guidance, I reckon we can turn it into a power for good” 

Richard said “I was given a microphone for my birthday, so making a podcast seemed like the logical next step” 

Long suffering daughter, Tash, said “My dad just goes on and on and on about LEGO stuff all the time. I’m just so glad that other people will have the chance to understand what the rest of the family and I have to deal with. And Jay’s just so wholesome that it will make it all worthwhile.” 

The Extra Pieces will be available through Google Play, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Or you can subscribe at

EPISODE 0 is now available, with new episodes appearing fortnightly. It is anticipated that Extra Pieces will run for 6 episodes. you can listen to this fledgling episode, where they struggle with technology right here

Hopefully, the next episode will be pick up a bit.

What would you like to hear us talk about?

Follow Extra Pieces on Instagram or Twitter at @extrapiecespod, and let us know. Or send an email to us You can even follow us on Facebook is you wish.

We hope you enjoy it!

In all seriousness, ignore the date: this is a genuine project, and we would love your input and feedback.

Until next time,

Play Well!

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