New 2X4 Brick Mold Introduced As Part Of A Limited Edition Collector Bricks

**This article was posted on April fools Day, 2021, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Both of the bricks in the picture are current, with the injection point on diagonally opposite studs. Photoshop was only used to enhance the contrast. As for the 1×2 with studs on the (other) side… unfortunately not real either.**

The Iconic 2×4 brick will be getting a makeover, and will have a new element ID going forward, according to the Danish Plastic Toy Company on Thursday morning.

Iva Moldsen, Spokesman for the Chief Curator of the Injection Moulding Apparatus at The LEGO Group “After a nervous year, almost devoid of humour, except for that expressed on Netflix Specials, we though it was important to introduce a new element that most regular users will hardly notice, but hard core collectors will be excited to be able to add it to their collection. The new brick will have the design ID 2021.

If you look carefully, you can see that the new brick design on the right has the same injection point, but the logo has been turned upside down, compared with the current element (seen on the left).

“As all 2×4 bricks are, this one is functionally interchangeable with previous versions of the brick. Six of these bricks can still be connected together in 915,103,765 different ways. If you look carefully at these two bricks, the one on the left is from mold 3001 – the one on the right from 2021- the more keen eyed collectors will be able to see that although these bricks maintain an injection point over the same stud, the word “LEGO” has been printed upside down on all of the studs.

“This is the first new mould that we have introduced for a 2×4 brick since 2001, when the brick with design ID 3001 was first seen. There was an error in our numbering system there, and we now hope to bring the design ID for the iconic 2×4 brick to be in line with the year of release. This will also introduce a challenge for people looking to sell their sets on in the future, needing to ensure that they are including the correct 2×4 variant with the parts. We hope that this will be the last 2×4 mold that we introduce that is designed to be used with petrochemical based plastics.”

“We expect that only the most gullible of collectors will be interested in this element, after the initial excitement of today.” Mr Moldsen

(left) The old brick with studs on one side, and (right) new 1×2 brick with studs on the other side.

But that’s not all: In further news, a new 1×2 brick with 2 studs on the side was also released today: “After years of perceived consumer quality dealing with complaint that the studs only came out on one side of the brick, we have now created a new mold that has the studs protruding out of the other side. We are sure that builders of all ages will appreciate this new element, and we are really excited to see the creative ways in which our customers will incorporate them in their own creations”

“We were not going to let the pandemic interfere with the LEGO Group’s ability to continue to innovate the construction toy play space “Mr Moldsen said, before heading home for a stiff drink and a good lie down.

The new elements will start to appear in sets released today. What do you think? Game changer? Will we ever look back at what we had before and wonder how we ever managed? Leave your comments below, and don’t forget to follow the Rambling Brick on Facebook and Instagram, so you dont miss our updates.

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  1. Tone doesn’t come through that well in text so can’t tell if this is a serious press release or just an April Fools joke, guessing the latter as I doubt that many people would care about the Logo being upside down to the injection point and I say that as someone with serious OCD issues who does make sure the injection marks all face the same way when building. Old Trafford roof really tested me with that lol!!

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