Unity x LEGO Game Jam: Ideas Edition Feb 13th 2021

A couple of months ago, we mentioned the new Unity x LEGO microgame platform, now online. Lining up nicely with the 25th Anniversary of LEGO Games, there is now a LEGO Ideas contest in pregress for creators of these games.

And everyone’s a winner! Well, Every participant will receive a custom, limited edition, Unity Minifigure.

But, that has been in progress for a few weeks now. Why the excitement today?

Today, Unity and The LEGO Ideas team are excited to announce a 2 and a half hour live stream this weekend as an extended tutorial and Game Jam, to help get people on the way to creating their own LEGO Microgame….

Build your own game with the LEGO® Microgame!

If you are in doubt whether to participate in the newest LEGO® Ideas contest “Build your own game”, join fellow Unity beginners in the next Unity x LEGO Game Jam: Ideas Edition on Saturday, Feb. 13. During the 2.5-hour livestream you will discover how to build your customized LEGO Microgame using newly released LEGO Behaviour Bricks to help make a great contest submission. 

Register today for free and learn what you need to participate by visiting the Game Jam web page. Check Unity or LEGO Ideas Facebook channels for more news around this fun live event.

Just to remind you, besides two grand prize winners of the LEGO Ideas contest and two runner-ups, two entries in this contest will be randomly selected as winners too. No reason not to get involved! 

By the way, EVERY participant of the “Build your own game” contest will receive a custom, limited edition LEGO Unity Minifigure!

As millions of people prepare for the Lunar New Year next Friday, Feb. 12, we want to help celebrate this festive occasion and release the LEGO Microgame “Year of the Ox” free expansion pack no later than Friday, Feb. 5. Greet your players with a giant “talking” ox, moo-ve them with a beautiful ancient Chinese vista and fill the night sky with colorful fireworks. But don’t get too close to that fireworks machine – it might spell bad luck! Just visit the Unity Asset Store to download and import to your game.

Finally, if you want to hear more about the origin and the future of the Unity x LEGO Microgame, listen to Episode 5 of the LEGO Bits N’ Bricks podcast.

I’ve been following the Bits N’Bricks podcast on my regular commutes, and I have been enjoying finding out more about the history of LEGO Games. Part of the interesting aspect of the episode regarding the Unity collaboration is the shared ideals of the two companies –

Comparing Unity’s vision statement, “We want to democratize development, solve hard problems, and enable creator success. We always have and always will.” with that of the LEGO Group: ” To Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow – Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility.

It becomes obvious that these companies share many ideal in common: inspiring and developing the creative processes – so, should you be a LEGO fan, with a penchant for Game Design, why not tune in on Saturday for the Unity x LEGO Game Jam: Ideas Edition : there is still a month or so to develop your final submission. But it’s not all about submitting entries for the contest. Its also about developing your skills as a designer and developer: both great skills to develop going forward.

Have you been working with the LEGO x Unity MicroGame Platform? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it in the comments below.

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